A Quick World Series Prediction

Posted: 10/21/2014 by levcohen in Baseball

I’m going to make this quick, both because it’s late and because there’s already been enough coverage of the matchups, storylines, and everything else. I’ve picked against the Royals in the playoffs before (every time, to be exact) and I’m going to pick against them again here. The Giants just look too good right now, with a bullpen that nearly matches Kansas City’s and an offense that far exceeds the Royals’ underperforming offense. Madison Bumgarner gives the team a huge advantage every time he steps on the mound, and I think the Giants win both games he starts en route to a series win. It’s been a fun ride for Kansas City, but I think it ends just short of winning silverware. The Giants make it three straight even-year championships with a win in six games. Either way, it’s fun that both of these teams are wild card teams, which provides ample evidence against the idea that wild card teams are at a huge disadvantage because they have to play an extra game and likely get one fewer game out of their ace in the LDS.

  1. quadrangular says:

    I hope you are right. Go, Giants!

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