USA and Canada Will be Epic

Posted: 02/20/2014 by everythingishistory1066 in Hockey, Uncategorized

If today’s Women’s gold medal game is any indication, the men’s version of the War for North American Hockey will be awesome. Here’s hoping the American’s get a better result on the men’s side. The last time the States and Canada hooked up in the Olympics, Canada swiped the gold medal in Vancouver on their home ice. While Canada was the better team on that night, the Americans are the better team in this tournament.

It seemed coming into this Olympics that Canada was going to walk away with the gold medal. However as it has played out, the United States has been the most dominant. They have outscored their opponents 19-5. Jonathan Quick and Ryan Miller have combined to put up some stellar performances in goal. Much like the NHL Playoffs a team can ride a hot goaltender all the way to the Finals. The United States are not only getting great goaltending but they are getting great scoring and outstanding team hockey. In the short time the Americans have been together they have certainly gelled better than any other team in the tournament. They have played every type of hockey in this tournament. They have been able to get the ugly goals as well as the finesse goals. The Americans have been the most physical team in the tournament thanks in large part to David Backes. On the penalty kill they have been magnificent, in the Russia game they killed off 4 of 5 Russia’s power plays. They are also getting scoring out of their defensemen as well. Cam Fowler has been scoring and Daryl Suter chipped in 3 assists in the quarterfinal game against the Czech Republic.

The Canadians on paper still have the best lineup on paper. You could take the palyers that were left off the Canadian roster and still have a great team. Despite this I feel the American’s are playing with a purpose in this tounrment. The sting of 2010 still lingers. When all is said and done I believe the USA will prevail 4-2.


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