The Evil Empire is Back

Posted: 01/23/2014 by everythingishistory1066 in Uncategorized

In recent years the Yankees have lost their way. Their modus operendi throughout their recent history has been to sign the biggest free agents and spend the most money. They returned to that path this offseason by signing Brian McCann, Carlos Beltran, and Jacoby Ellsbury and the top pitching free agent in the market. The addition of Masahairo Tanaka is exactly what the Yankees needed. In total the Bronx Bombers spent over 430 million dollars and jumped back up into luxury tax territory where they truly belong. The Yankees need to be the highest paid team in baseball its just the natural order of things.

The Yankees were in desperate need of a top of the rotaion starter. CC Sabathia is still the ace of this squad. Tanaka will help solidify the Yankees starting rotation. If Yu Darvish is any indication, Tanaka could come in and be effective right away. One of the main problems for them last year was their inability to score runs. Injuries and lack of talent played a major role in thier woes. They had a patch work lineup most nights due to major injuries to Derek Jeter and Mark Texiera. Through out the year they relied on old players like Andruw Jones and Jim Thome to keep them afloat but were unable to keep up. They hit every postition they needed in the offseason. Brian McCann fills a desperate need for a catcher. Ever since Jorge Posada stepped aside the Yankees have been missing an integral part of their lineup at catcher. Speed and a good glove along with decent pop is what Jacoby Ellsbury brings to the table for the Yankees outfield. If Brett Gardner can stay healthy the Yankees will have elite speed at the top of their lineup, perfect for new additions Carlos Beltran and Brian McCann to help spark the Yankee offense. Another key to their success will be if Jeter and Texiera can stay healthy and contribute.

All in all, these big four signings have put the Yankees back on the road to a consistent playoff team. Tanaka is only 25 years old and can assume the face of the franchise as the team goes into the future. I would have to assume the Red Sox are still the favorites to take the AL East. These big moves make the Yankees a lock for the playoffs in the least but if all comes together they have the pieces to make a deep run and could make some noise come October. The Yankees are definitely back to being the most hated team in the Major Leagues, right where they belong.


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