Does A-Rod ever play in Major League Baseball again?

Posted: 01/15/2014 by everythingishistory1066 in Baseball

A-Rod has become the most hated player in baseball.  His ascent to the level of Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens cheating has made him persona non grata in the baseball world.  If you believe Anthony Bosch, in his testimony and his recent interview with 60 Minutes, then the embattled Yankees third baseman is even more of a scoundrel than we are led to believe.  Alleged death threats, secret meetings and bathroom blood draws make this story sound like a crime film more than reality.  However, after all of this will Alex Rodriguez ever play in the Majors again?

I personally believe he will end up playing in the Majors again.  There will always be a team that will give these guys a shot.  After Manny Ramirez tested positive for taking banned substances for the first time he was given a shot with the Tampa Bay Rays.  While with the Rays he tested positive for a second time and was suspended 100 games as per Major League Baseball’s drug policy.  This was Manny’s second positive test.  Even after all that he still got a deal from the Oakland A’s. After two failed tests there was still intrest in the former All-Star up until last offseason.  A-Rod will take the same path I believe. In one year’s time a team will need to fill seats and Rodriguez can fill that need.  Despite his alleged rampant PED use, Rodriguez still possess raw talent and could most likely play decently despite being 40 years old when his suspension expires. I can picture a lowly team such as the Miami Marlins bringing in A-Rod to help put people in the seats.  If a team does sign him they will be barraged with negative press and criticism.  All in all this is just another sad case of another great player that succumbs to greed and makes a choice that scars them for life.


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