Thursday Night Football Prediction

Posted: 10/17/2013 by levcohen in Football

Tonight, Seattle heads to Arizona for the next in the series of NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football. Unfortunately, the NFL isn’t getting as much viewership as they would like on a Thursday night with NFL Network. Also unfortunately, the NFL also wants to add more Thursday night games. The players hate these games, and the reason is obvious. Three full days to recover from a brutal football game is nowhere near enough, and these games are often sloppy. So let’s predict this one.

Seattle Seahawks (5-1, 4-2 against the spread) at Arizona Cardinals (3-3, 4-2):
Line: Seahawks favored by 4 points
Over/under: 41
My prediction: Seahawks- 16, Cardinals- 10.. Coming into this game, I was almost positive I’d pick the Cardinals to cover. But the spread has gone down 2.5 points today alone, and I really believe the Seahawks are a lot better than Arizona, so I’m going to have to take Seattle. By the way, this is eerily similar to the Bengals-Bills game of last week, when I was all set to take the Bills but then the line drastically shrunk. The Bills covered that one, so let’s hope for a different result.
Seahawks cover


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