Philly Woes

Posted: 07/30/2013 by levcohen in Broad Street Sports

Fivetool has made a temporary escape from the sporting hell known as Philadelphia and has asked me to fill his size-11’s for an evening.  Truth be told, these are not the most inspirational days for sports buffs here in the City of Fraternal Love.  In recent years, the Phillies had ascended to the baseball elite and tickets were hard to come by.  Now the team’s core has aged without the front office doing anything to look out for the future and the team is agonizing to watch.  (It is, of course, much easier to come by tickets.)  The prognosis for the Phillies is similar to their basketball neighbors, the Sixers, namely to get better they will have to get worse first.  In the case of the Sixers, the process has begun.  In consecutive off-seasons, the Sixers have traded away their one All Star.  The first such move, disposing of Andrew Iguodata for Andrew Bynum, was a disaster and set the team back at least a year.  Now Jrue Holliday has been traded for even younger, and completely raw, talent.  This seems to be step forward, but as with the Phillies, there are going to be some ugly times before these franchises recover.  At least the Sixers have set a course and laid out a strategy.  The Phillies still seem to be wavering, although it is hard to believe they won’t move anyone before the trade deadline.  The men in green, the Eagles, have also set a new course by hiring a college coach, CHip Kelly, with a decidedly different offensive scheme.  His energy and success would be more contagious if he had personnel to fit in his scheme, but the roster and the scheme will have to find a comfortable meeting place before the Eagles can return to success.  At least they are likely to be more fun to watch this year, which is more than can be said for the Sixers and Phillies.  As for the fourth of the Big 4, the Flyers, they have the most talent on their roster but have struggled with key injuries and inconsistent goaltending over the last several seasons.  How well they do this season is a complete crapshoot, but they are the only one of these four teams with a legitimate shot to make the playoffs, and they have enough talent to at least be worth watching.  While all of these franchises are struggling, a look a few miles down I-95 toward the home of the Philadelphia Union soccer time offers some hope.  They have rebounded from some bad personnel decisions and returned to MLS relevancy (if that is not an oxymoron!).  While they are still not a championship calibre team, they are capable side who play in a beautiful stadium with plenty of buzz in the stands.  At least the Phillies have the beautiful stadium, albeit with all the buzz of a cup of decaf.


  1. quadrangular says:

    Good pinch hitting job!

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