What to expect in NBA Finals Game 6

Posted: 06/18/2013 by levcohen in Basketball

This could be it. With the Spurs up 3-2 in the series over the Heat, the teams travel back to Miami for game six tonight after the Heat lost two of three in San Antonio, which actually gave them back home court advantage. Now, we all know the statistics. The Heat haven’t lost back-to-back games in forever, and they’ve won each game after a loss this postseason by double digits. In fact, the Heat are still favored in this series. The thinking is: The Heat won’t lose back-to-back, and they also won’t lose a Game 7 at home, so they’ll easily win the series. Not so fast. These are the Spurs we are talking about, not some low level, immature team. If there is any team that can beat the Heat in a game seven, isn’t it these mature Spurs? I think you know the answer to that. So basically, since the Spurs are the ones with a closeout game here in game six, I think the Spurs should be favored to win this series. Anyway, what should we expect in game six?

More Udnois Haslem and some Chris Anderson:
Let’s face it. Mike Miller was a disaster in game five. He missed his only shot attempt, and it got this bad: The Spurs (on purpose) were using the guy Miller was guarding to set a screen for Tony Parker. Why? Because the Spurs wanted Miller to switch onto Parker. The result? A lot of easy buckets for Parker or others. When Mike Miller doesn’t hit shots, he really has no use. There is a reason he barely played before the Finals. Remember the Uuuuuudonis and Birdman lovefest against the Pacers? Well, the two played a combined nine minutes in game five. Heck, Anderson was stuck with a DNP. I suspect that we will see more of them in game six.

A plan to stop Danny Green:
This has to happen, right? Danny Green is the Spurs X-Factor. He just keeps on draining threes, and that has to stop. Maybe put Dwyane Wade extensively on Green? Well, there’s a reason I’m not a coach. Spoelstra needs to figure this out.

Chalmers or Cole will break out- somewhat:
These guys scored seven points and had one assist combined in 34 minutes. What I mean by a breakout is maybe 20 combined points and six assists? That’s all I’m asking for, guys. Maybe one of them will keep Parker out of the paint, too. I can hope.

A lot of Boris Diaw:
Diaw played 27 minutes in game five, mainly because he kept LeBron James somewhat in check. I don’t know how he is doing it, but as long as that continues, his playing time will too.

At least one Tim Duncan eye bulge after a foul:
Joey Crawford is reffing. Enough said.

Wade and Ginobili look a little older than they did in game five:
These guys turned back the clock in game five. I think it will speed forward, if only a little, in game six. The two combined for 49 points, six rebounds, and 20 assists in game five. I think numbers more like 35, six, and 12 are in store for the two combined. That’s still good, but not as good.

Another double digit game:
The first halves in these games have been good. The second? Not so much. I expect another double digit game.

Prediction: Heat- 112, Spurs- 98
Then the Spurs win game seven (hey, I have to back up what I said earlier).

  1. philabundant says:

    Is that one of Duncan’s eyes bulging, or both bulging once?

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