And just like that…

Posted: 03/13/2013 by levcohen in Uncategorized

There are sources that say the Pats have replaced Welker with Danny Amendola. Amendola is a younger Welker who can also run deep routes. He probably can do anything Welker can, and he might even be slightly better, but there is one major deficiency: Injuries. If Amendola can stay healthy, I don’t think Welker will be missed too much, although he still does have abilities that ‘Dola has, but that is a big “If”. Amendola was signed to a five year, 31 million dollar deal, which has to sting for Welker, who almost definitely would have stayed with the Patriots if he got anywhere near that money. He probably would have stayed for basically the contract the Broncos gave him, so the Patriots must have been really lukewarm. As for the Amendola deal, there are only 10 million dollars guaranteed, so it’s not a huge risk, but a five year contract is never entirely safe.


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