Big Day in Football– big name wide receivers moved

Posted: 03/11/2013 by levcohen in Football
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For the first time in a few weeks, today was a big football day. Two major trades happened, and unlike some March trades, they can and will drastically effect the super bowl picture.

Vikings trade Percy Harvin to Seahawks for 1st round pick, 7th round pick, and a future pick

One of the best WR in the NFL was traded, an occurrence that doesn’t happen very often but seemed inevitable in Harvin’s case. The Vikings, after a good year last season that included a playoff berth, were having problems with Harvin’s contract and attitude. They ended up getting a pretty good haul for him, including a first round pick. 1st rounders aren’t often traded for veteran players. As for the Seahawks, you have to like this deal for them. They didn’t have many weaknesses, but wide receiver was the main one. They had a few deep threats (hello Sidney Rice and Golden Tate) but no reliable and elite receiver. With Harvin, that is no longer a problem. Harvin should fit perfectly into this dynamic offense. They now have an offense including Harvin, Marshawn Lynch, and Russell Wilson. With their fearsome defense to go along with what will be a top tier offense, and one of the top special teams units (led by one of the top return men in NFL history, Leon Washington. [oh, and Harvin is an elite returner in his own right]), the Seahawks might be considered the team to beat in the NFC. Unsurprisingly, Adrian Peterson was not happy with the news. Neither were the San Francisco 49ers (more on that soon).

Bottom Line:
Vikings: The Vikings get a B+ for this trade. They save money, gain a valuable pick, and if they can invest the money wisely they should be a better team coming out of this trade.

Seahawks: The Seahawks get an A for this trade. Great move by the ‘Hawks, as they filled their biggest need and don’t really need the first round pick, anyway. Harvin also allows them to really open up their playbook.

Ravens trade Anquan Boldin to 49ers for 6th round pick

How ironic. A month after destroying the 49ers Super Bowl chances, Anquan Boldin is joining the 49ers. This move might already have been in place, but it was almost definitely hurried up by the Seahawks trade for Harvin. This Seahawks-49ers rivalry looks like it might be shaping up to be the best rivalry in the NFL between two geographically close teams and the two best teams in the NFC. If you just watched the playoffs, you wouldn’t know this, but Boldin is on the downswing of his career. He was never fast, but is now definitely slow, at least for an NFL wide receiver. He is still physical, but would work best as a team’s second or third best receiver. That’s perfect for San Fran, as while Michael Crabtree isn’t one of the top 10 receivers in the NFL, he should be considered a WR1. Like the Seahawks, wide receiver was one of their very few weak spots, and now it is a strong area, with Crabtree, Boldin, and a hopefully healthy Mario Manningham. As for the Ravens, they must have been getting really fed up with Ravens, because it seems like they sold him for 20 cents on the dollar when he should have been going for much more coming off the momentum of his postseason run. To get only a 6th round pick for Boldin is not good, especially when the Ravens WR group wasn’t very good to begin with. If the Ravens can get Mike Wallace or Greg Jennings, this trade looks a little better, but I don’t like it as it stands today. By the way, I guess Boldin won’t be retiring as a Raven, as he said he would be.

Bottom Line:
Ravens: The Ravens get a D+ for this trade. Really, why did they do it when they could have restructured Boldin’s contract? Hey, at least they got his contract off the books.

49ers: The 49ers get an A- for the trade. They traded pennies (and fewer than 100 pennies, for sure) for a dollar, and improved in a position of need. Hopefully they don’t think they are getting an all-pro, because there is no way he will play at that level.


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