All Star Game Preview

Posted: 02/17/2013 by levcohen in Basketball
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It’s that time of year again. The NBA all star game. Last night was all star Saturday, and the skills competition, dunk contest and three point contest were preformed. The winners are as followed:
Skills competition: Damian Lillard. Runner up: Jrue Holiday.. Flunked: Tony Parker, Jeff Teague
Dunk contest: Terrence Ross. Runner up: Jeremy Evans.. Flunked: James White
Three point contest: Kyrie Irving. Runner up: Matt Bonner… Flunked: Paul George

Now it’s time to preview the ASG:
The Point Guards:
Rajon Rondo (inj)
Kyrie Irving
Jrue Holiday

Chris Paul
Russell Westbrook
Tony Parker

With Rondo, I might give the East the edge. But without the star distributor, the West has a clear edge, especially since Rondo’s replacement is Brook Lopez, who certainly won’t help in the point guard discussion. Paul is the best player on this list, and Westbrook is second. Kyrie is very good, but he doesn’t compare to the top guards in the West. Another problem is that the East isn’t even starting a PG with Rondo out. The lineup is as follows: Dwyane Wade, LeBron, Melo, Bosh, Garnett.

The Shooting Guards:
Dwyane Wade
Paul George

Kobe Bryant
James Harden

The West, with the two best shooting guards in the NBA, have another edge. Let’s be clear here: Wade and George are two of the five best SG’s in the NBA. But neither of them is #1 or #2. Kobe is still performing at an All-NBA level, and Harden is having a breakout year. Plus, Harden is playing on his home court.

The Small Forwards:
LeBron James
Carmelo Anthony
Luol Deng

Kevin Durant

This is no contest. Kevin Durant is one of the two best players in the NBA, but there is no way he will get an advantage over three all-stars, including the best player in the world. This win for the East almost makes up for their PG and SG deficiencies.

The PF/C’s:
Kevin Garnett
Chris Bosh
Brook Lopez (inj replacement)
Tyson Chandler
Joakim Noah

Tim Duncan
Blake Griffin
Dwight Howard
LaMarcus Aldridge
David Lee
Zach Randolph

Edge: West. There just aren’t that many great big men in the NBA right now. Even if I said that Howard was the worst one among these players (he’s been playing that way this year), the West still has an advantage. Duncan still maintains and advantage over Garnett. Griffin is a better all around player than Bosh. Lee, Randolph and Aldridge aren’t comparable to Noah, Chandler and Lopez, because the first group scores a lot more but the second group has two of the best defenders in the NBA (Noah and Chandler). Lopez is having a breakout season, but so is David Lee.

Overall Edge: West

Final Score Prediction: West- 156, East- 148Leading Scorer: Kevin Durant (37)
MVP: James Harden (28 points, 7 rebounds, 9 assists)


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