Curry Brothers are on the Brink of Breaking the Brother Scoring Record

Posted: 02/10/2013 by phillyisforphanatics215 in Basketball
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Seth and Stephen Curry (Starting Point Guard for the Golden State Warriors) have always been immensely competitive with one another but currently they are on the same team trying to break the brother scoring record. The record is currently held by the Hansbrough brothers, Tyler (ACC all-time leading scorer) and Ben who are now teammates on the Indiana Pacers. They combined for an impressive total of 4,485 points.

When Duke visits Boston College, Seth must score at least 11 to surpass the record. This will probably happen because even with a shin injury Seth has managed to score 20 points in Duke’s  three most recent contests.

When discussing the topic, Seth stated, “It’s a weird little record, but it’s neat when you can do something that involves your family. It’s always good to pass a Carolina guy in anything. So it’s fun.”


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