NFL First Round Mock Draft #1.. First Half

Posted: 01/27/2013 by levcohen in Football
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It’s time for the first mock draft of the season.. There will be a few more after the combine and closer to the draft, but why not start now? First half coming today, second half coming later in the week.

Note: It’s impossible to predict trades so I won’t be doing that

1. Kansas City Chiefs. Team Needs: QB, WR, CB, guard. The pick: Luke Joeckel, OTWhy would the Chiefs draft a player who is not on their long list of glaring needs? Because Joeckel is the best player in the draft. It’s tough to pass up on a guy who many scouts consider the best tackle they’ve scouted EVER. They’ll be in a long rebuilding stage, so they just need to pick up some quality players. Many people have them reaching for a QB like Geno Smith or Tyler Wilson, but I don’t buy it. They can find someone in the second or third round with high upside. Left tackle Branden Albert is a free agent, and Joeckel can slide right in there. The Chiefs want to bring Albert back as a guard.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars. Team Needs: DE, QB, CB, WR. The pick: Bjoern Werner, DEI would argue that if the Jaguars drafted Werner, he would immediately become their best defensive end. He fills a glaring need at defensive end, and while he isn’t a super exciting player, he might be the most NFL ready player in the draft. I think new coach Gus Bradley, a former defensive coordinator, would be happy with drafting a polished defensive player.

3. Oakland Raiders. Team Needs: CB, LB, defense in general. The pick: Star Lotulelei, NT
A nose tackle isn’t the Raiders’ biggest need, but Lotulelei would make sense. Lotulelei is the type of player who demands a double team on him on every snap. This could set up more sacks for the outside rushers. Lotulelei is a difference maker, and he should continue to make a difference in the NFL. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Raiders traded down a few spots and then snagged Dee Millner, but I’m not predicting trades.

4. Philadelphia Eagles. Team Needs: QB, O-Line, Safety, CB. The pick: Eric Fisher, OT
Eric Fisher is slowly (actually quickly) moving up the draft boards, and he could eventually rival Luke Joeckel for the crown of top offensive lineman selected. The Eagles really need some offensive line depth with a lot of guys coming off injuries, and Fisher could immediately start at right tackle (with Todd Herremans moving back to his old guard position). New coach Chip Kelly probably wants a new QB, but it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to reach for one at the #4 pick when they have other needs.

5. Detroit Lions. Team Needs: DE, CB, OT, S, WR. The pick: Damontre Moore, DE
The Lions want to draft the best available player, and in this case that player happens to fill a huge need. Cliff Avril will man one defensive end slot, but there is an opening on the other side. Moore is a great pass rushing threat, and the Lions had trouble getting sacks last year. While the Lions also need a new #2 WR, there is nobody to take this high in the draft. As for a cornerback, Dee Millner would probably be a popular pick here after seeing what he did in the national championship game, but I think Moore would be the smarter pick.

6. Cleveland Browns. Team needs: QB, LB, G. The pick: Jarvis Jones, DE/LB
The Browns need a pass rusher. That much is for sure. The two possible picks here are Jones and Barkevious Bingo, and I think Jones gets the call because he had the better college career. He does have more red flags than Bingo, but we’ve also seen a lot of good things from Jones. With Jones added, the Browns will continue to stockpile the defensive players and could be a surprise team next season.

7. Arizona Cardinals. Team needs: QB, O-Line, CB, RB. the pick: Tyler Wilson, QB
Right now, I think Tyler Wilson will be the first quarterback selected at #7 to the Cardinals. Wilson is a really good player, and I think he will have a better NFL career than Geno Smith. The Cardinals are in desperate need for a quarterback. Just ask Larry Fitzgerald. After drafting Wilson, the Cardinals will need to draft an offensive lineman or three later in the draft, and then they’ll be on the right track.

8. Buffalo Bills. Team needs: QB, WR, LB. The pick: Geno Smith, QB
It’s pretty obvious that the Bills are going to draft a QB. In fact, General manager Buddy Nix, who is generally forthcoming about his offseason plans, told the media that he plans on drafting a franchise quarterback. With that in mind, Smith is the obvious pick here. The Bills have said that they could trade up to draft a QB, presumably Smith, but they won’t have to do that.

9. New York Jets. Team needs: Just about everything. The pick: Barkevious Mingo, DE
The Jets have a ton of needs, and high on that list is a pass rusher. They are free to take the top available player, and just like the Lions that player will actually be someone who helps them a lot in the immediate and long term future. Mingo might easily go before #9, but I think this is as far as he falls.

10. Tennessee Titans. Team needs: CB, G, DT. The pick: Dee Millner, CB
The Titans pass defense is pretty bad, and they need a cornerback after they were reportedly looking to draft one last year. They didn’t, and you see how that turned out. This time, with a top 10 pick, Millner would be a pretty safe selection.

11. San Diego Chargers. Team needs: OT, WR, CB, DE. The pick: Lane Johnson, OT
The Chargers are likely to pick an offensive tackle in the first round. If Eric Fisher is available, he is the no-brainer pick. Since I’m predicting that Fisher will be gone, the Chargers will reach for Lane Johnson. It could be worse. They could be starting the season with Jared Gaither at tackle.

12. Miami Dolphins. Team needs: WR, WR, WR, WR. The pick: Cordarrelle Patterson, WR
As you can see, the Dolphins need a wide receiver. Patterson is raw, but he has the most talent of any WR on the board this year. And the Dolphins have a history in using a high pick on a raw player. See Tannehill, Ryan. Patterson could turn out to be a great receiver, and that is something the Dolphins really need. No offense to Brian Hartline and Davone Bess, but those two guys really won’t provide the offense needed to really help Tannehill. As #2 and #3 WR’s, they’d be solid. But not as #1 and #2.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Team Needs: CB, CB, CB, CB. The pick: Jonathan Banks, CB
Much like the Dolphins, the Buccaneers have one clear need coming into draft day. They will have several CB options at #13 and the two should have equal value. There is Banks and there is Xavier Rhodes. I think they’ll choose Banks because SEC players always are given an immediate draft boost because of the talent they play against. Banks was a star in college for Mississippi State, so the Buccaneers will pull the trigger.

14. Carolina Panthers. Team needs: DT, WR, DT, DT. The pick: Jonathan Hankins, DTAgain, the Panthers have a clear need. They are desperate for an interior lineman, and Hankins could possibly the best player available at #14. The Panthers gave up a huge amount of rushing yards, and Hankins would really toughen them up against the run.

15. New Orleans Saints. Team needs: DE, DT, CB, LB. The pick: Sheldon Richardson, DT
The Saints need a lot of defensive help, and will be pleasantly surprised to see Richardson available at 15. Richardson, out of the University of Missouri, played tremendously last season. He might have been the best defensive lineman in college last year other than Werner, but doesn’t have the upside of those picked ahead of him. The Saints don’t need upside. They just need a solid player to play defensive tackle. Richardson, one of the best available in the draft at this point, is their man.

16. St. Louis Rams. Team needs: OT, OG, WR. The pick: Chance Warmack, OG
Guards aren’t usually taken this high, but Warmack could be something special. He was part of the great Alabama offensive line that shut down almost every defensive line they played against, and he was probably the best of that bunch. Sam Bradford gets hit way too much, and he really could be a good quarterback, so I think the Rams are going to elect to protect him and pick a very good player who has a chance to be a star at #16.

  1. philabundant says:

    No question Barkevious Mingo will be an immediately All Pro on the Best Name Team

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