Eagles to hire Chip Kelly as next head coach

Posted: 01/16/2013 by levcohen in Broad Street Sports, Football
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In shocking news, sources say that Chip Kelly is signing up to coach the Philadelphia Eagles. This is a shocker because Kelly recently said he was going back to coach the Oregon Ducks. I don’t know what the sudden change of mind was for (maybe money, maybe the front office de-committing to Nick Foles?) but it is sending shock waves through the tri state area.


This could mean Michael Vick returns to the Eagles, but I doubt it. Nick Foles does look to be a goner. There is no way he’ll be able to run with the spread offense Kelly likes to run. On the other hand, LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin all benefit from this coaching change. They are all speedy receivers or backs, and I could see each one flourishing in the spread offense. Now it becomes more important than ever for the Eagles to find a quarterback and also to get some offensive line depth (with the speed of the offense, O-Line players need lots of rest or just great stamina). This Eagles team is a work in progress, but at least it’s headed in the right direction.

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