Nobody voted into HOF 2013

Posted: 01/09/2013 by levcohen in Baseball

In unsurprising news, the Baseball Writers Association voted zero players into the Hall Of Fame for the second time in the last 40 years. I don’t agree with the BBWAA ruling. If I had a ballot, I would want to utilize all 10 available spots that the writers have.

Note: a player needs 427 out of 569 votes to make the Hall.

Biggest snubs

Craig Biggio: Biggio was on the ballot for the first time, and did fairly well, making me sure that he will make it in the next few years. Biggio is one of only two players in major league history to amass 3,000 hits, 400 stolen bases and 290 home runs, and one of only four players to have 3,000 hits and not be in the hall of fame. The other three? Pete Rose (ineligible to be elected, banned for life), Derek Jeter (still active, ineligible for HOF at this point) and Rafael Palmeiro (linked to steroids). So yeah, Biggio should have made it.

Mike Piazza: For a player who is the best offensive catcher of all time, it was a surprise to me to see Piazza only gain 57.8% of the vote. He had 427 home runs, including an all time record 396 as a catcher.

Barry Bonds: Ok, so he took steroids. But even if you cut off every season after 1999 (when he started looking bigger), his stats are still Hall worthy, with 445 homers, 460 steals and a .968 OPS.

I’m glad they didn’t get in:

Jack Morris: Via Baseball Reference, Morris is most comparable Dennis Martinez, Bob Gibson, Luis Tiant and Jamie Moyer. Gibson is a hall of famer, but would the Hall really look good with guys like Martinez and Moyer? That’s what we were looking at with Morris.

Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Rafael Palmeiro: I wanted Bonds and Clemens in, but not all the other steroid users. I believe that these three would have had well below hall of fame level stats had they not taken steroids, while with Bonds and Clemens (Clemens might not have even taken steroids) were elite even before they supposedly started take steroids.

Overall, this was a disappointing vote for the BBWAA.

My ballot would have been:
Jeff Bagwell
Tim Raines
Curt Schilling
Roger Clemens
Alan Trammell
Edgar Martinez
Larry Walker


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