MLB Free Agency: Nick Swisher signs with the Indians

Posted: 12/23/2012 by levcohen in Baseball

In breaking news, Nick Swisher has signed a four year, 56 million dollar deal with the Indians. Bonuses could run the deal up to 70 million. Swisher was said the prefer playing for an LA or New York team, but none of them had much interest in the switch-hitter, as they all have pretty solid outfielders already (other than the Mets, who are rebuilding and don’t need Swisher). Swisher’s value was said to go down after the Yankees extended a qualifying offer to him. After that, a team needed to give up their first or second round pick to sign Swisher, which lessened the interest of teams like the Phillies, Red Sox and Rangers, more natural fits. The Indians signed Swisher as a replacement to the traded Chin Soo Choo. Over the past four years, Swisher was a constant threat in the 5 hole, posting a .268/.367/.483 line with 105 homers over that span. His on base percentage is his best asset.


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