Week 15 NFL Review- One Day Late

Posted: 12/19/2012 by levcohen in Football

I had a pretty poor week in what was a very surprising week.

*= upset pick

New York Giants (8-5, 6-6-1 against the spread) vs. Atlanta Falcons (11-2, 7-5-1)*:
Spread: Falcons favored by 1 point
Over/under: 50
My prediction: Giants- 24, Falcons- 20. The Giants need this win, but the Falcons need it too. They are quickly being discounted and they will want to get people to notice them. However, the Giants are in a dogfight for the division and are better than any other team in this situation. Give me New York.Giants cover

Results: Falcons- 34, Giants- 0.. Woah. Now that was a surprise. Usually, the Giants are great when their backs are against the wall. I think I just jumped on them a bit early. 1/3 (over/under)

Green Bay Packers (9-4, 7-6) vs. Chicago Bears (8-5, 6-7)*:
Spread: Packers favored by 1
Over/under: 43.5
My prediction: Bears- 26, Packers- 23.. The Bears need to wake up. Now. They have their second game against division rival Green Bay this week, and need a win to even have a chance at the division. If they lose, they might also lose a playoff spot. I’ll give the win to the hungrier team at home.Bears cover

Results: Packers- 21, Bears- 13.. Bears stink. 0/3.

Washington Redskins (7-6, 8-5) vs. Cleveland Browns (5-8, 8-4-1)*:
Spread: Browns favored by 3
Over/under: OFF
My prediction: Redskins- 20, Browns- 17.. Redskins are starting Kirk Cousins at QB with RG3 hurt. Cousins is actually a pretty decent QB. Gimme the Skins. My first three picks are all slight upsets, which says a lot about the great quality of these games.
Redskins cover

Results: Redskins- 38, Browns- 21.. The Redskins have a good team. 2/2 (over/under was OFF).

Minnesota Vikings (7-6, 5-7-1) vs. St. Louis Rams (6-6-1, 9-4)*:
Spread: Rams favored by 2.5
Over/under: 39
My prediction: Vikings- 16, Rams- 13.. Another slight upset here. Adrian Peterson is by far the best player on the field, and if the Vikings give it to him 30 times they should be okay.
Vikings cover

Results: Vikings- 36, Rams- 22.. 2/3 here, with over/under wrong. Adrian Peterson. AD for All Day (his preferred nickname) will get my endorsement for MVP.

Jacksonville Jaguars (2-11, 6-7) vs. Miami Dolphins (5-8, 5-7-1):
Spread: Dolphins favored by 8
Over/under: 38
My prediction: Dolphins- 21, Jaguars- 14.. I just can’t take the Dolphins against the spread when they are favored by 8.
Jaguars cover

Results: Dolphins- 24, Jaguars- 3.. Spread wrong.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-7, 9-3-1) vs. New Orleans Saints (5-8, 6-7):
Spread: Saints favored by 4
Over/under: 54
My prediction: Saints- 27, Buccaneers- 24.. I expect this to be yet another good game. The Saints need to win one of these games.
Buccaneers cover

Results: Saints- 41, Buccaneers- 0.. Again, just spread wrong.

Denver Broncos (10-3, 9-4) vs. Baltimore Ravens (9-4, 5-7-1)*:
Spread: Broncos favored by 3
Over/under: 48
My prediction: Ravens- 27, Broncos- 23.. I was very surprised at the spread for this game. I think the Ravens should be respected enough for this game to be at least a Pick ‘Em, but everybody loves those Broncos. The Ravens are still very difficult to beat at home, and I’m going to give them the upset.
Ravens cover

Results: Broncos- 34, Ravens- 17.. Just over/under right. Broncos are great.

Indianapolis Colts (9-4, 9-4) vs. Houston Texans (11-2, 8-5):
Spread: Texans favored by 10.5
Over/under: 47.5
My prediction: Texans- 31, Colts- 14.. The Texans are going to bounce back in a huge way and Andrew Luck has underperformed of late, with 8 touchdowns and 10 interceptions in recent games.
Texans cover

Results: Texans- 29, Colts- 17.. 3/3.

Seattle Seahawks (8-5, 9-4) vs. Buffalo Bills (5-8, 6-7):- NOTE: Game played in Toronto.
Spread: Seahawks favored by 4.5
Over/under: 43.5
My prediction: Seahawks- 23, Bills- 20.. I see this being a very close game with the Seahawks coming off a big win and underestimating a solid opponent. Down 20-16, they will drive down the field and score a touchdown to win it.
Bills cover

Results: Seahawks- 50, Bills- 17.. I was wrong about the Seahawks. They are great. 1/3.

Detroit Lions (4-9, 5-8) vs. Arizona Cardinals (4-9, 5-7-1):- LOCK
Spread: Lions favored by 6.5
Over/under: 43.5
My prediction: Lions- 20, Cardinals- 14.. The Cardinals stink. But so do the Lions.
Cardinals cover

Results: Cardinals- 38, Lions- 10.. Wow. 0/3.

Carolina Panthers (4-9, 6-7) vs. San Diego Chargers (5-8, 6-7)*:
Spread: Chargers favored by 3
Over/under: 45
My prediction: Panthers- 27, Chargers- 20.. The Panthers are the better football team right now with Cam Newton flying high and Phillip Rivers, well.. not flying high.
Panthers cover

Results: Panthers- 31, Chargers- 7.. 2/3 with over/under wrong.

Pittsburgh Steelers (7-6, 5-7-1) vs. Dallas Cowboys (7-6, 5-8):
Spread: Steelers favored by 1
Over/under: 45.5
My prediction: Steelers- 27, Cowboys- 21.. This is a must win for the Cowboys, and almost a must win for the Steelers. I think the Steelers are the better team, and especially at this time of year. Give me Big Ben over Tony Romo.
Steelers cover

Results: Cowboys- 27, Steelers- 24.. Over/under right.

Kansas City Chiefs (2-11, 5-8) vs. Oakland Raiders (3-10, 3-10):
Spread: Raiders favored by 3.5
Over/under: 43.5
My prediction: Raiders- 23, Chiefs- 20
Chiefs cover

Results: Raiders- 15, Chiefs- 0.. 2/3, with spread wrong.

San Francisco 49ers (9-3-1, 8-5) vs. New England Patriots (10-3, 8-4-1):
Spread: Patriots favored by 4
Over/under: 47
My prediction: Patriots- 28, 49ers- 23.. The Patriots are just the better team right now.
Patriots cover

Results: 49ers- 41, Patriots- 34.. Over/under right.

New York Jets (6-7, 7-6) vs. Tennessee Titans (4-9, 4-9)*:
Spread: Titans favored by 1
Over/under: 42
My prediction: Jets- 23, Titans- 13
Jets cover

Results: Titans- 14, Jets- 10.. Over/under right.

9-7 on pick.. 134-89-1 total
4-12 on spread.. awful.. 115-109 total- still decent, but nowhere near as decent as last week. I’ve learned that picking spread and over/under is really difficult.
10-5 on over/under.. 105-110-4 total

Reversal of sorts this week.

Upset picks:
Jets over Titans- INCORRECT
Panthers over Chargers- CORRECT
Giants over Falcons- INCORRECT
Bears over Packers- INCORRECT
Redskins over Browns- CORRECT
Vikings over Rams- CORRECT
Ravens over Broncos- INCORRECT

24-33 total

Lock of the week:
Lions over Cardinals- INCORRECT

12-3 overall

QB of the week: Russell Wilson, Seahawks: Russell Wilson might be the new frontrunner for NFL rookie of the year. He was definitely the QB of the week, as he racked up 30+ points in the first half en route to a game with only 23 passes attempted, over 200 yards and a touchdown pass. He added 92 yards rushing and an awesome three rushing touchdowns.

Surprising QB of the week: Sam Bradford, Rams: Bradford busted out for a career high 377 yards with three touchdowns, and added a two point conversion with just one interception.

Disappointing QB of the week: Eli Manning, Giants: And we thought he was back… After three straight solid performances, Eli looked to be back on track. Against Atlanta, he most definitely was not on track. He threw 25 passes, completed 13, had 160 yards with zero touchdowns and two interceptions. His totals on the year are now 20 touchdowns against 15 interceptions, but since week seven those numbers are at nine touchdowns and 10 picks.

RB of the week: Adrian Peterson, Vikings: In his first eight carries, the Rams thought they had AD stuck. The miracle worker had just eight yards. After that, he had 16 carries for 204 yards en route to another ho hum 200+ yard game with a touchdown. That’s Peterson for you.

Surprising RB of the week: Danny Woodhead, Patriots: The Patriots backup running back had just 54 yards on 12 carries in the six games prior to their tilt against the 49ers. In that one, he doubled his carry total since then and more than doubled his yardage total while doubling his touchdown total. The results: 12 carries, 61 yards and two touchdowns with five catches for 23 yards on an outstanding 10 targets.

Disappointing RB of the week: Doug Martin, Buccaneers: People all over the state of Missouri are hearing sighs of relief as Jamaal Charles is barely left off this list. Doug Martin, the rookie sensation, is on instead. He had a matchup with the Saints and was supposedly consistent, with at least 10 fantasy points in every game other than one since their week five bye. He laid an egg here. Nine carries for 16 yards and three catches for 16 yards is not a great game.

WR of the week: Michael Crabtree, 49ers: Crabtree was a beast in all formats, with seven catches for 107 yards and two touchdowns.

Surprising WR of the week: Leonard Hankerson, Redskins: With Kirk Cousins starting, the question of who would get a lot of targets was a good one. The answer was not Hankerson, he got just three. But he finally stopped dropping passes, and caught two big ones for 56 yards. Both just happened to be touchdowns.

Disappointing WR of the week: Victor Cruz, Giants: Cruz caught just three passes for 15 yards, mainly because of Eli Manning’s trouble. He is still an elite receiver.

TE of the week: Dennis Pitta, Ravens: Pitta caught seven passes for 125 yards and two touchdowns, with Torrey Smith concussed and plenty of room to work with against the Broncos, who struggle against big tight ends.

Surprising TE of the week: Anthony Fasano, Dolphins: In the last seven weeks (since the Dolphins BYE) Fasano had more than one catch just once (and he had two in that one). In this game, he had season highs in both yards and catches, with 56 and 6. He added a touchdown.

Disappointing TE of the week: Owen Daniels, Texans: This is a really difficult place to fill, because there really aren’t many tight ends who preform enough to be able to be labeled as disappointing when they have a bad game. So Daniels is going to be my scapegoat here. He had just four catches for 40 yards against Indianapolis’ less than vaunted pass defense.

  1. philabundant says:

    Late season games can be tough to call given differing degrees of motivation, injuries, teams’ desires to get a look at rookies…

  2. marinite says:

    You’re coming up on a one year anniversary! Any plans for additions or changes in 2013?

    • 5toolstar says:

      sorry it took so long for me to respond for this, but as you’re starting to see, I added two more bloggers to sportslines. Noah has already made a post, and there should be one soon from our other new blogger.

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