Hamilton, Sanchez, Dempster signed to deals. RA Dickey to be traded?

Posted: 12/14/2012 by levcohen in Baseball
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In the last day, a flurry of baseball transactions occurred. Time to look at what’s happened over the past day or two and other things that might happen soon.

The big news of yesterday was that the Los Angeles Angels signed star outfielder Josh Hamilton to a 5 year, 125 million dollar deal. Two things immediately struck me after the deal. The first is that the Angels have now signed the best FA position player available two years in a row (last year is was Albert Pujols). The second is that Hamilton is now the 4th highest paid outfielder in LA. Yes, 4th. Behind Matt Kemp, Carl Crawford, and, you guessed it, Vernon Wells. What’s astonishing is that the BEST OUTFIELDER IN LA is not even up there. Mike Trout is not even getting paid close to the big boys, and even Andre Ethier is paid more than him. Anyway, I think the Hamilton signing is a great move for the short term. Hamilton adds some much needed stability to the lineup as he is a left handed hitter. Not only did the Angels just get the third piece of their amazing three hitters (Trout-Pujols-Hamilton), they also disappointed two division rivals. Texas lost their best player, and Seattle was thought to be one of the lead bidders for Hamilton. I think that the Angels should sign another mid tier starter, and then I’d give them the best team in the AL West. As for Hamilton, he got the five year deal that he wanted. He is moving to a great situation, where Pujols can mentor him and keep and eye on him. And I envy the 2 hole hitter in LA. He’ll have quite some lineup protection, with Trout in front of him and Pujols and Hamilton right behind. This was a surprise, and I predicted that Hamilton would re-up with the Rangers.

The second big news of the day was Anibal Sanchez re-signing with the Tigers, which I correctly predicted. Sanchez signed for a 5 year, 80 million dollar deal, topping the 5 for 75.5 that C.J. Wilson signed with the Angels last year. I’m somewhat surprised at the 80 million given to Sanchez, but the Cubs really pushed the Tigers and were close to signing him, so Detroit had to shell out a little extra money to keep their stellar rotation intact.

The third big news of the day was 35 year old Ryan Dempster signing with the Boston Red Sox for 2 years and 26.5 million dollars. Again, I correctly picked Dempster’s destination, but I was a bit surprised that he didn’t push for a third year, as earlier in the offseason he turned down a two year deal worth 25 million.

The last news was that the Yankees finalized their signing of Ichiro Suzuki for two years and 13 million. This isn’t really big because it was always expected to happen, but I think some other teams made a run at Ichiro and the Yankees had to commit to two years. I’m betting that Ichiro won’t be worth this deal.

Other possible deals that might occur:

The Mets are likely to trade R.A. Dickey, and the Blue Jays appear to have the edge right now.

The Angels are probably going to trade one of: CF Peter Bourjos or 1B/OF/DH Mark Trumbo. They would each net a good return.

The Tigers are looking into trading Rick Porcello. The right handed pitcher has been pursued by the Pirates and Padres.

In free agency news, Michael Bourn and Nick Swisher are the top available free agents. I have Bourn going to Seattle and Swisher going to Cleveland.

The Padres are aggressively going after Edwin Jackson. The pitcher is one of the best available starting pitchers.


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