Baseball Offseason: Predicting the new homes of top remaining FA’s

Posted: 12/12/2012 by levcohen in Baseball

Time to predict where some players without homes will go.

Josh Hamilton– the big time slugger will return to Texas after fielding many offers. I feel that the top remaining bidders for Hamilton are: The Rangers, the Phillies and the Mariners. I think the Phillies will probably offer a deal around three years and 80 million dollars. The Mariners could take it a fourth year, but I think the Rangers will end up signing Hamilton to a four year deal worth around 100 million.

Michael Bourn– The speedster will sign with Seattle for a five year deal worth 70+ million. I think, after failing to sign Josh Hamilton, the Mariners will get a little desperate, and the Scott Boras client will gladly take a 15 million average annual value.

Anibal Sanchez– I feel like the pitcher will narrow his choices down to two teams: Detroit and Texas. When in doubt, I go with a team re-signing their player over a different team swooping in, so I believe the Detroit Tigers will re-sign the right handed pitcher to a five year deal worth 80 million dollars.

Nick Swisher- Swisher will sign with Cleveland, who need a middle of a lineup hitter. The deal will probably be in the 4-5 year range with 12-14 million per year.

Edwin Jackson– The starting pitcher will take a long time to sign, but he will end up signing with the Blue Jays. The Jays will give him a deal around four years and about 40 million.

Kyle Lohse- Lohse goes to the Royals for a four year, 40 million dollar deal. The Royals need to win now, so even after trading for Wade Davis and James Shields they need another SP.

Adam LaRoche- The power hitting firstbaseman will re-up with the Nationals, signing a three year deal worth 30 million.

Ryan Dempster- Dempster will be signed by the Red Sox, who will give the pitcher a three year deal and 29 million, despite his advanced age.

  1. philabundant says:

    Maybe I have an outdated view of the world, but investing $70 MM in an outfielder with no power does not strike me as the way for the Ems to catapult themselves into the playoffs.

    • 5toolstar says:

      You’re probably right, but it has happened. Carl Crawford was signed for a 7 year/ 142 million dollar deal, and he gets only about 10-12 homers a year

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