Week 14 NFL Picks

Posted: 12/09/2012 by levcohen in Football

Time for picks Sunday..

St. Louis Rams (5-6-1, 8-4-0 against the spread) vs. Buffalo Bills (5-7, 6-6):
Line: Bills favored by 3
Over/under: 42
My prediction: Bills- 24, Rams- 20.. With Danny Amendola “questionable” for this game, I just don’t have enough confidence in the Rams offense. The Bills offense has the two good running backs- Spiller and Jackson- and I wouldn’t be surprised if Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for over 200 yards (for a change).
Bills cover

Dallas Cowboys (6-6, 4-8) vs. Cincinnati Bengals (7-5, 6-5-1):
Line: Bengals favored by 3.5
Over/under: 46
My prediction: Bengals- 24, Cowboys- 17.. Cowboys on the surface have been playing better, but they really haven’t. Their four wins since early October have been over: Cleveland, Carolina, Philadelphia (x2). Not a stacked group of teams. They also have only covered in one of their last six games, and that one was against Philly when Vegas was still overrating Philly. Bengals have been playing well.
Bengals cover

Kansas City Chiefs (2-10, 5-7) vs. Cleveland Browns (4-8, 7-4-1):
Line: Browns favored by 7
Over/under: 38
My prediction: Browns- 23, Chiefs- 20.. The Browns have been great against the spread, but they rarely are favored by 7.
Chiefs cover

Tennessee Titans (4-8, 4-8) vs. Indianapolis Colts (8-4, 8-4)*:
Line: Colts favored by 6
Over/under: 47
My prediction: Titans- 27, Colts- 21.. Just a gut feeling. The Colts aren’t very good, and they are going to lose one of these games. Why not against division rival Tennessee, who is reeling of late but still has Chris Johnson?
Titans cover

Chicago Bears (8-4, 6-6) vs. Minnesota Vikings (6-6, 4-7-1)*:
Line: Bears favored by 3
Over/under: 39.5
My prediction: Vikings- 23, Bears- 17.. Call it another gut feeling. The Vikings are 2-0 when they are home underdogs, and they have won 4 of their last 5 home games. The Bears are still overrated, they haven’t been good of late.
Vikings cover

San Diego Chargers (4-8, 5-7) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-5, 5-6-1):
Line: Steelers favored by 9.5
Over/under: 40
My prediction: Steelers- 27, Chargers- 17.. Big Ben comes back in a big way.
Steelers cover

Philadelphia Eagles (3-9, 2-9-1) vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-6, 9-2-1):
Line: Buccaneers favored by 9
Over/under: 48
My prediction: Buccaneers- 31, Eagles- 24
Eagles cover

Baltimore Ravens (9-3, 5-6-1) vs. Washington Redskins (6-6, 7-5):
Line: Redskins favored by 1
Over/under: 47.5
My prediction: Redskins- 26, Ravens- 20
Redskins cover

Atlanta Falcons (11-1, 7-4-1) vs. Carolina Panthers (3-9, 5-7):
Line: Falcons by 3
Over/under: 48
My prediction: Falcons- 31, Panthers- 27.. The Panthers are the sneaky upset pick this week for many people, but not for me. They did just lose to the Chiefs last week.
Falcons cover

New York Jets (5-7, 6-6) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-10, 6-6)*:
Line: Jets by 2.5
Over/under: 38
My prediction: Jaguars- 20, Jets- 17
Jaguars cover

Miami Dolphins (5-7, 5-6-1) vs. San Francisco 49ers (8-3-1, 7-5):
Line: 49ers by 10.5
Over/under: 39
My prediction: 49ers- 24, Dolphins- 16
Dolphins cover

New Orleans Saints (5-7, 6-6) vs. New York Giants (7-5, 5-6-1):
Line: Giants by 4.5
Over/under: 53
My prediction: Giants- 31, Saints- 28
Saints cover

Arizona Cardinals (4-8, 5-6-1) vs. Seattle Seahawks (7-5, 8-4):
Line: Seahawks by 10
Over/under: 36
My prediction: Seahawks- 23, Cardinals- 14
Cardinals cover

Detroit Lions (4-8, 5-6-1) vs. Green Bay Packers (8-4, 6-6):
Line: Packers favored by 6.5
Over/under: 48
My prediction: Packers- 30, Lions- 20
Packers cover

Houston Texans (11-1, 8-4) vs. New England Patriots (9-3, 7-4-1):
Line: Patriots by 3.5
Over/under: 50.5
My prediction: Patriots- 28, Texans- 24
Patriots cover

Upset picks:
Jaguars over Jets
Titans over Colts
Vikings over Bears


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