Week 4 NBA Power Rankings

Posted: 11/26/2012 by levcohen in Basketball

Week 4 power rankings (in parentheses, last weeks ranking)

#1. Memphis Grizzlies (9-2) (#1): The Grizzlies had a 1-1 week. First, they lost to the Denver Nuggets on Monday Night. After three days off, they beat the Lakers at home by 8. Zach Randolph has been the leading rebounder- including both teams- in every Memphis game of the season. The big three of Gay-Randolph-Gasol has been great.

#2. San Antonio Spurs (11-3) (#7): The Spurs had a busy week, going 3-1 on the week. First, they lost a close one to the Clippers. After that, though, they came back with wins against Boston, Indiana and Toronto. They were all on the road. Tim Duncan is amazing. He is still averaging 19 points and 11 rebounds with over two blocks per game in fewer minutes. He looks like he did in his prime.

#3. Oklahoma City Thunder (10-4) (#3): They beat the Clippers and Sixers, but lost to the Celtics. Their two wins were in overtime, which makes it even more impressive.

#4. Miami Heat  (10-3) (#6): The Heat won both games this week, but they were both close. They beat Cleveland and Milwaukee, with LeBron giving them a huge boost in both games, especially against Cleveland, when they were down late in the game.

#5. New York Knicks (9-3) (#2): New York had a bad week, but they still have the best point differential in the NBA. Their defense was very worrisome last week. In wins against New Orleans and Detroit, they gave up 82 and 1oo points. They held New Orleans to below their average, but Detroit scored 14 points above their average. In losses to Dallas and Houston, they gave up 114 and 131 points. Dallas scored 14 points above their average, and Houston scored an amazing 30 above their average. This is bad news for New York, who were thought to have a much improved defensive team (and did, throughout their first 8 games).

#6. LA Clippers (8-5) (Last week, #4): The Clippers are another team who had a bad week, losing 3 of 4.

#7. Brooklyn Nets (8-4) (Last week, #8)- The Nets got their first two good wins of the year, beating the Clippers and Portland.

#8. Atlanta Hawks (8-4) (#14)- 5 game win streak.

#9. Los Angeles Lakers (7-7) (#9)- With a new coach, they will be over .500 soon.

#10. Denver Nuggets (8-6) (#19)- Nuggets have a four game win streak going, with a big win over Memphis.

#11. Milwaukee Bucks (6-5) (#5): They have lost three straight games.

#12. Boston Celtics (8-6) (#11): After losing to San Antonio, they beat Oklahoma City Thunder and Orlando.

#13: Philadelphia 76ers (8-6) (#13): More bad Andrew Bynum news. This looks a lot like last years team.

#14: Dallas Mavericks (7-7) (#12): Lost 2 of 3, but beat the Knicks.

#15: Chicago Bulls (6-6) (#15): Lost to Houston, then beat Milwaukee. They will continue to be a .500 team until D-Rose gets back.

#16: Minnesota Timberwolves (5-7) (#10): 5 game losing streak, but Kevin Love is back. They could climb in the rankings.

#17: Charlotte Bobcats (7-5) (#20): The Bobcats can play! They won 3 of 4, including a tense overtime game that kept Washington winless.

#18: Golden State Warriors (8-6) (#18): They won 3 of 4, beating Dallas, Brooklyn, Minnesota. They could well be a surprise playoff team.

#19: Utah Jazz (7-7) (#17): Beat Houston, split a home and home with Sacramento.

#20: Portland Trailblazers (6-7) (#16): Lost to Phoenix and Brooklyn and beat Minnesota. They could fade late in the season with their starters playing so much early.

#21. Houston Rockets (6-7) (#21)- They had a good week, and should be a good home team. They beat New York and Chicago at home.

#22: Phoenix Suns (6-8) (#23)- Before losing a nail-biter to Philadelphia, they crushed Portland and beat New Orleans in overtime.

#23: Indiana Pacers (6-8) (#24)- They move up a spot because of some improved offense in wins over Washington and New Orleans and a loss to San Antonio.

#24: Orlando Magic (5-8) (#26): They had a 2-2 week, and it should have been 3-1. They beat Detroit and Cleveland, and really should have beat Boston, while they ended up losing in overtime.

#25: Sacramento Kings (4-9) (#29): They crushed the Lakers, one of the biggest surprises of the year. They followed that with a home and home split against the Jazz.

#26: Cleveland Cavaliers (3-10) (#28): They lost 2 of 3, but lost those two (against Orlando and Miami) by a combined 6 points. They beat Philadelphia in overtime.

#27: Toronto Raptors (3-11) (#27): They have lost games by an average of 4 points, which isn’t terrible. They lost two one point games and a five point game in overtime to San Antonio last week.

#28: Detroit Pistons (3-11) (#25): Lost to the Knicks (not surprising) and Orlando (a little more surprising) while beating Toronto by 1. Bad week for Detroit.

#29. New Orleans Hornets (3-9) (#22)- 7 game losing streak, with Anthony Davis hurt.

#30. Washington Wizards (#30)- They are still winless, not at 0-11. They had a few close, overtime games, but couldn’t capitalize.

Games of the night:
NBA: New York Knicks at Brooklyn Nets
NCAA Basketball: San Jose State at Kansas


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