2008 team vs. 2012 team

Posted: 07/15/2012 by levcohen in Basketball

We already have decided that the Dream Team is better than this year’s team. But how does the Beijing Olympic Gold Medal team fit in?

2008 Roster:

PG: Deron Williams (24), Chris Paul (23), Jason Kidd (35)
SG: Kobe Bryant (29), Michael Redd (28), Dwyane Wade (26)
SF: Carmelo Anthony (24), Tayshaun Prince (28), LeBron James (23)
PF: Chris Bosh (24), Carlos Boozer (26)
C: Dwight Howard (22)

Average Age: 26.83
8 players in prime (between 24-29)
1 player over the hill
3 players not yet at their prime (probably three most talented players on the team. Paul, LeBron, Dwight)

Current Roster:

PG: Chris Paul (27), Deron Williams (28), Russell Westbrook (23)
SG: James Harden (22), Andre Iguodala (28), Kobe Bryant (33)
SF: Carmelo Anthony (28), Kevin Durant (23), LeBron James (27)
PF:  Kevin Love (23), Anthony Davis (19)
C: Tyson Chandler (29)

Average age: 25.58
6 players in prime
1 player over the hill
5 players not yet at their primes.
Age Edge: 2008
PG Edge: 2012- 2 of the same players now in their prime. Kidd was effective, but so is Westy.
SG Edge: 2008- Kobe+D-Wade+Redd in their prime= dominant. Now, Kobe is older+ less effective. Iggy+Harden are decent.
SF Edge: 2012- Easy pick. Melo+LeBron in their prime now. Durant is sooo much better than Prince ever was.
PF Edge: 2008- Tough one. I think Boozer four years ago was a lot better than Davis now, but Love probably edges Bosh.
C Edge: 2008- Another easy call. Dwight Howard dominates Tyson Chandler

Top 10 players ranked:
1. LeBron James 2012
2. Kobe Bryant 2008
3. Chris Paul 2012
4. Dwyane Wade 2008
5. Kevin Durant 2012
6. Kobe Bryant 2012
7. LeBron James 2008
8. Carmelo Anthony 2012
9. Dwight Howard 2008
10. Carmelo Anthony 2008

Top 10 edge: 2012

Overall Edge: 2008

This was a really close call. It was really hard to go against LeBron, Paul and Melo in their primes, and Durant close to it. But I believe that the 2008 squad had a better all around squad. They have more pure scorers, like Redd, Wade and Howard, which is great at the international level. They also are more physical down low, even with Anthony Davis there instead of Blake Griffin.

Ultimate Team combining those two (no player can be on twice):

PG- Chris Paul 2012, Deron Williams 2012, Jason Kidd 2008
SG- Kobe Bryant 2008, Dwyane Wade 2008, Andre Iguodala 2012
SF- LeBron James 2012, Carmelo Anthony 2012, Kevin Durant 2012
PF- Chris Bosh 2008, Kevin Love 2012
C- Dwight Howard 2008

Now there is a team that could beat the dream team.


PG- John Stockton 1992, Chris Paul 2012
SG- Michael Jordan 1992, Kobe Bryant 2008, Dwyane Wade 2008
SF- LeBron James 2012, Kevin Durant 2012, Scottie Pippen 1992
PF- Charles Barkley 1992, Karl Malone 1992
C- Patrick Ewing 1992, David Robinson 1992

Now THAT is an unbeatable team.


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