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106. Memphis Grizzlies: First three picks: SF, C, PG: 19 year old SG Austin Rivers: Doc Rivers’ son has a game that is great for the NBA. He is good in Iso, and led Duke in scoring. He takes a ton of 3’s and makes a good amount. He is one of the best scorer’s left on this list. He is kind of a ballhog though.
N5Y: 14+ PPG, 3+ RPG, 2 APG,  1 SPG

107. Los Angles Lakers: First three picks: PF, PG, SG: 19 year old C Bismack Biyombo: Bismack Biyombo is a great defender, and is one of the premier blockers in the NBA. In his rookie year, he surprised a lot of people, and started most of his team’s games (true, his team his Charlotte).
N5Y: 7+ PPG, 8+ RPG, 2.5+ BPG

108. Los Angeles Clippers: First three picks: PG, PF, SG: 20 year old C Jonas Valanciunas: Val is a great young center who played overseas last season.


* Tremendous size and length (7-6 wingspan)
* Highly efficient shooter around the basket with jump hooks, & R/L layups, great touch
* Very good FT shooter
* Competes, has a good motor
* Pursues rebounds
* Good rim runner and very good pick/roll guy
* Works hard on his game


* Still needs to add strength and some bulk
* Needs some defensive improvement
* Continued work on developing a low post game

This came from the 2011 draft website. He bulked up some in Europe last year, and continued to work on a low post game. He reminds many of Pau Gasol.
N5Y: 14+ PPG, 8+ RPG, 1.5+ BPG (potential for much more)

109. Indiana Pacers: First three picks: PG, SF, PF: 34 year old SG Manu Ginobli: There is no reason to think that Manu can’t preform at a high level for 3-5 more years, other than his injuries. If he gets over his injuries, he will be a huge steal at 109. Keep in mind that he didn’t start playing in the NBA until he was 25, so he has fresher legs than, say, Paul Pierce.
N5Y: 15+ PPG, 3 RPG, 3 APG, 1 SPG

110. Houston Rockets: First three picks: PG, SG, C: 21 year old PF John Henson: Henson will go in the mid lottery this year. He is another great defender, by far the ACC’s best last year. His best case scenario would be a better scoring version of Marcus Camby. Yes, he could be that good if he adds some muscle.
N5Y:  11+ PPG, 9+ RPG, 2+ BPG

111. Golden State Warriors: First three picks: PG, SF, C: 26 year old SG Anthony Morrow: Anthony Morrow is a decent #4 option. He will score solid (double digits), provide defense and snag a few rebounds. Oh, and he is one of the best FT shooters in the NBA.
N5Y: 13+ PPG, 3+ RPG, 2+ APG

112. Detroit Pistons: First three picks: SG, SF, C: 28 year old (yesterday) PG Raymond Felton: Happy birthday Raymond! The Detroit Pistons pick the underachieving Felton with the 112th pick. Felton had a bad season, and the Blazers are angry at him. That’s why a change of scenery is for the best.
N5Y: 12+ PPG, 3+ RPG, 7+ APG, 1.5 SPG

113. Denver Nuggets: First three picks: C, SG, PF: 24 year old PG Darren Collison: Collison has been compared to his former teammate and mentor Chris Paul. He could be that good. He is very fast, and runs the fast break well. The problem is he has underachieved on the Pacers. Maybe all he needs is a fresh start.
N5Y: 13+ PPG, 3+ RPG, 6+ APG

114. Dallas Mavericks: First three picks: PG, PF, SG: 24 year old SF Gerald Henderson: Henderson is a great pick at this point. He is still young, and scored 15 PPG last year. He also adds some solid rebounding numbers.
N5Y: 15+ PPG, 5+ RPG, 3+ APG

115. Cleveland Cavaliers: First three picks: PF, SG, C: 34 year old SF Shawn Marion: Marion is declining, but he is still good for double digit points, shutdown defense, and great rebounding outputs. He is still underrated.
N5Y: 12+ PPG, 6+ RPG, 2+ APG, 1+ SPG, 1+ BPG

116. Chicago Bulls: First three picks: PG, SG, PF: 20 year old C Meyers Leonard: Leonard is the tallest player in this year’s draft, but I think the Bulls are only drafting based on height here. If they wanted to go with a 2012 draft pick, Tyler Zeller would have been safer.
N5Y: 10+ PPG, 8+ RPG, 1+ BPG

117. Charlotte Bobcats: First three picks: PG, PF, C: 24 year old year old (TODAY) SG Landry Fields: Happy B-day Fields. While he hasn’t scored 10 PPG in a season yet, he still has plenty of time (only played 2 seasons). He needs to shoot more, and if he does he could establish himself as a 13 point per game guy.
N5Y: 12+ PPG, 5+ RPG, 2+ APG, 1+ SPG

118. Brooklyn Nets: First three picks: SF, PG, PF: 34 year old SG  Jason Terry: The “Jet” isn’t what he used to be, but he is still a very good player. He will score 14+ for the next 5 years.
N5Y: 14+ PPG, 3+ RPG, 4+ APG, 1 SPG

119. Boston Celtics: First three picks: C, PF, SF: 30 year old PG Jose Calderon: I personally don’t like Jose Calderon, but if nothing else he will provide some assists. On a team with no guards yet, they need those assists.
N5Y: 10 PPG, 3 RPG, 9 APG- and absolutely zero upside.

120. Atlanta Hawks: First three picks: SF, PF, PG: 21 year old SG Terrence Ross: Ross can create his own shot, is a good defender, he is a good rebounder, he is athletic, and he is a good shooter. What more can you ask for from a shooting guard? He is an underrated option.
N5Y: 14+ PPG, 5+ RPG, 1+ SPG

Picks by position in round 4:
PG:  6
SG:  10
SF: 5
PF:  3
C: 6

How many teams need each position?

PG: 2
SG: 3
SF: 10
PF: 8
C: 7


Picks 91-105

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At this point, teams are going to be looking for needs rather than value.

91. Washington Wizards: First three picks: PG, SG, C: 20 year old SF Harrison Barnes. The next pick is another guy who will go at the top of the draft. Barnes could be the best scorer in this year’s draft, and the Wizards would love to add another scorer to this team. His best case-scenario could be Luol Deng, while at his worst he could be a good defender, scoring 12 points per game.
N5Y: 14+ PPG, 5 RPG, 1 SPG

92. Utah Jazz: First three picks: C, SG, SF: 20 year old PG Brandon Knight. Knight is another combo-guard type. In his rookie year with the Pistons, he shot 42% from the field, which is decent for a rookie. He isn’t a true point guard, and will have to improve his court vision.
N5Y: 14+ PPG, 3+ RPG, 4+ APG

93. Toronto Raptors: First three picks: PF, SF, PG: 18 year old SG Bradley Beal: Beal went exceptionally late. He is considered a top 3 pick, and is compared to Ray Allen (slightly worse 3 point shot, better rebounder). Beal could become one of the best rebounding guards in the NBA, and should before long become a 15 point scorer.
N5Y: 14+ PPG, 5+ RPG, 2+ APG, 1.5 SPG

94. San Antonio Spurs: First three picks: PG, SF, SG: 27 year old PF Kris Humphries: After picking a couple guards and a small forward, the Spurs need some size and rebounding and get it here in double double machine Kris Humphries.
N5Y: 13+ PPG, 11+ RPG, 1+ RPG

95. Sacramento Kings: First three picks: PF, C, SF: 20 year old PG Kendall Marshall: This is an interesting pick by Sacramento. The Kings need a floor general, and get it here with the ultimate point guard in Kendall Marshall. He is a remarkable half court PG, and also one of the best on the run in college. He has remarkable court vision. He is also one of the most NBA ready players in this draft, which is another positive. He is also very smart, and had a great combine interview.
N5Y: 9+ PPG, 9+ APG, 2+ RPG, 1+ SPG 

96. Portland TrailBlazers: First three picks: SG, C, PG: 25 year old SF Ersan Ilyasova: Ilyasova is underrated. Last year, he scored 13 points per game along with 9 rebounds, and he is still young. I see him improving on those numbers.
N5Y: 14+ PPG, 9+ RPG

97. Phoenix Suns: First three picks: PG, SF, SG: 30 year old C Chris Kaman: Kaman had an allstar year a few years ago, but since then he has been disappointing. My guess is that the 30 year old big man just needs a change of scenery, and he goes to Phoenix here.
N5Y: 14+ PPG, 8 RPG, 2 APG, 1.5 BPG

98. Philadelphia 76ers: First three picks: PF, PG, SG: 23 year old C DeAndre Jordan: Jordan is a great defender, and he has huge potential. However, he is a horrible shooter and doesn’t score much, so this is an iffy pick. Overall, you won’t get a better defender than Jordan this deep into the draft.
N5Y: 8+ PPG, 9+ RPG, 2+ BPG

99. Orlando Magic: First three picks: PF, PG, C: 26 year old SG Arron Afflalo: Arron Afflalo is another very underrated player. Last year, he broke out, scoring 15 points per game. Better yet, he isn’t the type of player that needs the ball all the time, and he is very good without the ball. He is also a good on ball defender.
N5Y: 14+ PPG, 4 RPG, 3 APG

100. Oklahoma City: First three picks: SG, PF, SF: 24 year old PG DJ Augustin: Everyone thinks that DJ Augustin is old, and an NBA 10+ year veteran. In fact, he has been in the NBA for just 5 years and he is 24 years old. In the right place, Augustin could become a 15 points/ 8 assist type player.
N5Y: 14+ PPG, 3+ RPG, 7+ APG

101. New York Knicks: First three picks: PF, PG, SG: 18 year old C Andre Drummond: Drummond is the last top 6 pick in this year’s draft to show up. He is often compared to DeAndre Jordan, who went a bit earlier in this draft. Drummond is another guy who can’t shoot free throws (he shot 28%), but is a great shot blocker.
N5Y: 8+ PPG, 10+ RPG, 2+ BPG

102. New Orleans Hornets: First three picks: C, PF, PG: 20 year old SG Jeremy Lamb: Jeremy Lamb will be a top 15 pick in this year’s draft, and he has still gone under the radar. He has the potential to become a 20 point scorer (much like Kevin Martin) but also could be a bust.
N5Y: 16+ PPG, 4+ RPG, 1+ SPG

103. Minnesota Timberwolves: First three picks: PG, C, SF: 23 year old SG Jordan Crawford: The T-Wolves needed some scoring here, and pick a good scorer in Jordan Crawford. Crawford could score 15+ PPG.
N5Y: 15+ PPG, 3+ RPG, 3+ APG, 1 SPG

104. Milwaukee Bucks: First three picks: PF, SF, C: 29 year old PG Mo Williams: It seems like Mo Williams has been playing for a long time, but he is still just 29. He is a good scorer for a PG and adds 5-6 assists per game. Solid all around player.
N5Y: 15+ PPG, 3 RPG, 5+ APG, 1 SPG

105. Miami Heat: First three picks: PG, C, SG: 30 year old PF Carlos Boozer: Carlos Boozer is declining, but he still puts up good all around numbers and would help any team.
N5Y: 16+ PPG, 9+ RPG, 2 APG, 1 SPG




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76. Miami Heat: First two picks: PG, C: 22 year old SG Gordon Hayward: After picking a PG and a C with their first two picks, the Heat realize they need swingmen so go with the young, talented SG Gordon Hayward.
N5Y: 14+ PPG, 4+ RPG, 4+ APG, 1 SPG

77. Milwaukee Bucks: First two picks: PF, SF: 25 year old C Roy Hibbert: The Bucks have got to be shocked that Hibbert fell this far, as plenty of teams were looking at him in the late first round. So obviously, Hibbert is a steal here. However, teams might have stayed away from Hibbert because he has a tendency to get in a funk offensively and then disappear on defense. He has to learn that the two things aren’t linked, but with Aldridge, Gallinari and now Hibbert, they have a big, young, talented team.
N5Y: 13+ PPG, 9 RPG, 2 APG, 2 BPG

78. Minnesota Timberwolves: First two picks: PG, C: 29 year old SF Gerald Wallace: This is a great pick for the T-Wolves, who already have their PG and C. The T-Wolves are probably going to have trouble scoring, but they are also going to limit opponents scoring. With a great steals guy (Rubio), blocks guy (Bogut), and now on ball defender who also gets a ton of steals (Wallace), they are going to force turnovers like nobody’s business. Look for them to draft a scorer next round.
N5Y: 15+ PPG, 6+ RPG, 2 APG, 1.5+ SPG

79. New Orleans Hornents: First two picks : PF, C: 21 year old PG Damian Lillard: This is the third player here who will be selected in this year’s draft. In this draft, Lillard is underrated, even though he will go top 10. He has all kinds of strengths: (from ESPN):

  • Scoring point guard
  • Excellent penetrator
  • Great perimeter game with deep range
  • Good athlete with good lateral quickness
  • Strong, physical player
  • Rarely makes mistakes
  • Super efficient for a player with his usage rate
  • Hard worker
  • High basketball IQ

According to ESPN, his only negative is he doesn’t have great floor vision. That only improves with time. He could be a Russell Westbrook type player.
N5Y: 17+ PPG, 4+ RPG, 4+ APG, 1+ SPG

80. New York Knicks: First two picks: PF, PG: 22 year old SG Klay Thompson: Thompson surprised a lot of people last year, and when injuries struck the Warriors (again), Thompson stepped up. After the allstar break, he scored 17 points per game, after scoring only 7.2 before the allstar break. I’m predicting more of the post-allstar game form for Thompson.
N5Y: 16+ PPG, 3+ RPG, 3+ APG, 1+ SPG

81. Oklahoma City Thunder: First two picks: SG, PF: 18 year old SF Michael-Kidd Gilchrist: The Thunder have Dirk and Kobe, so are a very old team, so they need some youth. Here they get the best of both worlds. They get an 18 year old player who is likely to be an allstar, but they also get one of the most NBA-ready draft prospects. Right away, he could start putting up Gerald Wallace type numbers, and he could eventually become a slightly better version of Andre Iguodala. Here are some of his strengths: He is a winner, and has a non stop motor. He is a good rebounder. He is a good defender. This is the type of player you want on your team.
N5Y: 13+ PPG, 7+ RPG, 3+ APG (eventually more), 1+ SPG, 1+ BPG

82. Orlando Magic: First two picks: PF, PG: 26 year old C Nikola Pekovic: The Magic want to pick a C before it is too late, so reach for (arguably) the best available. Pek is still young, and has played in just 2 NBA seasons after playing abroad. He surprised everyone last year, and looks to build on those numbers. Unfortunately, he isn’t a good passer or defender.
N5Y: 14+ PPG, 8+ RPG

83. Philadelphia 76ers: First two picks: PF, PG: 24 year old SG OJ Mayo: The Sixers are clearly just building the most talented team they can. This might be the biggest boom or bust team, with Josh Smith, Brandon Jennings, and now Mayo. Mayo’s first two years were great, as he started every game but one in those first two years after being drafted #3 overall. Since then, he has only started 17 games, and none last year. In the right place, he can become a superstar.
N5Y: 15+ PPG, 4 RPG, 3+ APG, 1+ SPG

84. Phoenix Suns: First two picks: PG, SF: 22 year old SG Kemba Walker: Kemba Walker is naturally a PG, but he can also play SG. He isn’t a very good shooter, as he shoot 37% from the field. However, that will improve as he gets older and he knows how to get to the line.
N5Y: 14+ PPG, 4+ RPG, 5+ APG, 1 SPG

85. Portland TrailBlazers: First two picks: SG, C: 26 year old PG Ramon Sessions: Just like in real life, until now the TrailBlazers were without a good PG. Here they pick one. Sessions has gone under the radar because he played in Cleveland, but when he was traded to LA he got quite a lot more press, and people started to realize how good he actually was. He is good at running offenses, and should work well with this team.
N5Y: 13+ PPG, 4 RPG, 6+ APG

86. Sacramento Kings: First two picks: PF,C: 23 year old SF Michael Beasley: In real life, Beasley is buried in a deep Minnesota depth chart. Here, he will get to shine in the starting lineup with the Kings.
N5Y: 16+ PPG, 6+ RPG, 2+ APG

87. San Antonio Spurs: First two picks: PG, SF: 21 year old SG Dion Waiters: Another player who will be drafted this year, Waiters is among the few players who can become a star. Here are some of his positives:
In only 24 minutes per game, he scored 12 points per game. In a starting lineup (around 35 minutes), that is around 18 points per game.
He has been compared to Dwyane Wade
He is a good defender
He is strong and athletic
He is a lethal scorer
He led all college SG’s with 3 steals per 40 minutes

Waiters loves driving to the hoop like Wade, and is successful at the rim. He also made nearly half his shots off of the dribble.
N5Y: 16+ PPG, 4+ RPG, 4+ APG, 2+ SPG

88. Toronto Raptors: First two picks: PF, SF: 25 year old PG Lou Williams: Lou Williams is a decent pick at this point. Among qualified players this year, he had the 14th best points per 48 minutes, at 27.3. He scored 15 PPG in 26 minutes per game. If he gets 35 minutes, he would also be able to put up 5 assists.
N5Y: 18+ PPG, 4+ RPG, 5+ APG, 1+ APG

89. Utah Jazz: First two picks: C, SG: 23 year old SF Thaddeus Young: Thad Young is another guy who could be a beast in the right situation with the right minutes. If he got 35 minutes, he would probably score 16 points with 8 rebounds, and that is very valuable.
N5Y: 15+ PPG, 7+ RPG, 2 APG, 1.5 SPG

90. Washington Wizards: First two picks: PG, C: 26 year old SG Rodney Stuckey: Stuckey is another guy who could be either a PG or SG, like Kemba and Williams. Stuckey is an underrated scorer, as he has scored at least 13 points per game for the last 4 years. He will get out of a dreadful situation in Detroit, and play well with the Wizards, who narrowly picked him over their current player Jordan Crawford.
N5Y: 15+ PPG, 3+ RPG, 5 APG, 1+ SPG

Third round pick by position:

PG: 5
SG: 9
SF: 5
PF: 5
C: 6

Overall picks by position:

PG: 22
SG: 17
SF: 15
PF: 19
C: 17


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Now the first half of the third round. At this point, guys could go pretty much anywhere without be surprising, just about team needs. It seems that there are a lot of quality big men left, and fewer PG types.

61. Atlanta Hawks: First two picks: SF, PF: 24 year old PG Jeff Teague: Teague had the best year of his career last year, scoring 13 points per game. The Hawks draft their own PG, and now have a talented team: Teague, Durant, Favors.
N5Y: 14 PPG, 3 RPG, 5 APG, 1.5 SPG

62. Boston Celtics: First two picks: C, PF: 34 year old SF Paul Pierce: Pierce is the second straight player to be drafted by his own team. While he is 34 years old, he has still fallen a surprising amount. This is a good pick, but the Celtics really need guards.
N5Y: 18 PPG, 5 RPG, 4 APG, 1 SPG

63. Brooklyn Nets: First two picks: SF, PG: 27 year old PF Paul Millsap: Great pick here by the Nets. Millsap has had back to back really solid years, and now has a great chance to do more paired with LeBron James and Kyle Lowry, two great passers. The Nets wanted to grab a PF before it was too late.
N5Y: 17 PPG, 8+ RPG, 2 APG, 1 SPG, 1 BPG

64. Charlotte Bobcats: First two picks: PG, C: 24 year old PF Ryan Anderson: With their first two picks, Charlotte grabbed extremely talented players in Chris Paul and JaVale McGee. With their third pick, they pick a guy who hit the most 3 pointers in the NBA. Anderson provides great outside shooting AND also rebounding. He is also 24 years old.
N5Y: 16+ PPG, 7+ RPG

65. Chicago Bulls: First two picks: PG, SG: 22 year old PF Kenneth Faried: Faried is extremely talented, as he showed in his first year. He will easily become a double double guy, and it’ll be fun seeing Derrick Rose feed him the basketball for the next 5 years.
N5Y: 12+ PPG, 9+ RPG, 1+ BPG

66. Cleveland Cavaliers: First two picks: PF, SG: 28 year old C Marcin Gortat: The Cavs have a great rebounding combo in Kevin Love and Gortat. Those guys will secure 25 rebounds per game just by themselves.
N5Y: 15+ PPG, 10+ RPG, 1.5 BPG

67. Dallas Mavericks: First two picks: PG, PF:  25 year old SG Wesley Matthews: Wes Matthews regressed last season, but still will put up good numbers.
N5Y: 15+ PPG, 3 RPG, 2 APG, 1.5 SPG

68. Denver Nuggets: First two picks: C, SG: 29 year old PF David Lee: David Lee is a very strong PF who scores a lot. After picking Andrew Bynum with the first pick, they went with the scoring Monta Ellis with pick #2. Now, they have 3 big scorers. Still looking for a PG though.
N5Y: 20 PPG, 10 RPG, 1 SPG

69. Detroit Pistons: First two picks: SG, SF: 29 year old C Tyson Chandler: After picking two wing players with their first two picks, the Pistons go with the underrated defensive stalwart Tyson Chandler. Chandler has been around for a while, but he is still just 29 years old. Pistons are another team still without a PG.
N5Y: 10+ PPG, 10 RPG, 1+ BPG, 1+ SPG

70. Golden State Warriors: First two picks: SF, PG: 29 year old C Nene: The Warriors pick Nene, after picking Melo and Nash with their first two picks. Here, they get a good low post scorer who usually has the best FG% in the NBA.
N5Y: 14 PPG, 8 RPG, 2 APG, 1 BPG, 1 SPG

71. Houston Rockets: First two picks: PG, SG: 26 year old C Andrea Bargnani: Bargnani is a poor man’s Dirk Nowitzki. He can hit 3’s and is a good shooter, but isn’t the prototypical PG. After picking George with the second pick, the Rockets are deciding to have a very good 3 point shooting team.
N5Y: 20 PPG, 5 RPG, 1+ APG

72. Indiana Pacers: First two picks: PG, SF: 21 year old PF Thomas Robinson: The second player in this coming draft to be picked, Thomas Robinson will make an immediate contribution to this Pacers team. This is shaping up to be a young, promising team, with John Wall and now T-Rob.
N5Y: 14++ PPG, 9+ RPG, 1 APG, 1 SPG

73. Los Angeles Clippers: First two picks: PG, PF: 23 year old SG Evan Turner: The Clippers pick someone with great potential in swingman Evan Turner. Turner could become the best rebounding guard in the NBA.
N5Y: 13+ PPG, 7+ RPG, 4+ APG

74. Los Angeles Lakers: First two picks: PF, PG: 25 year old SG Marcus Thornton: This is a very good pick at this point in the draft. Thornton is a good outside threat, he scores a lot, and he also starts a lot of fast breaks with his steals.
N5Y: 20 PPG, 3+ RPG, 2 APG, 1+ SPG

75. Memphis Grizzlies: First two picks: SF, C: 26 year old PG Goran Dragic: Another good pick. Dragic has been overshadowed by Kyle Lowry, but now will get a chance to shine like he did at the end of last season.
N5Y: 14+ PPG, 3 RPG, 6+ APG, 1+ SPG

Picks 31-60

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31. Washington Wizards:  22 year old C Greg Monroe: Monroe is unknown because he plays in Detroit on a bad Pistons team. However, he is shaping up to be a great center for years to come. Tony Parker is great on the pick and role, and now he has a very good P & R partner.
N5Y: 17+ PPG, 10+ RPG, 3+ APG, 1.5+ SPG

32. Utah Jazz: 22 year old SG James Harden: James Harden is already a star. Last season with the Thunder, he won the 6th man of the year award. With the Jazz, he will start and put up monster numbers
N5Y: 20 PPG, 5 RPG, 4 APG, 1 SPG

33. Toronto Raptors: 28 year old SF Andre Iguodala: After taking the risky DeMarcus Cousins in the first round, the Raptors come back with a solid guy in Iggy. Iggy won’t score 20 points per game, but he can put up 15 with 6+ assists and rebounds. He is also a great defender.
N5Y: 14+ PPG, 6+ RPG, 5+ APG, 1.5+ SPG

34. San Antonio Spurs: 23 year old SF Nicolas Batum: Batum has enormous potential. If you watched him last year, you know how dominant he can be. However, he isn’t proven so this is a somewhat risky pick.
N5Y: 16+ PPG, 5+ RPG, 2 APG, 1 BPG, 1 SPG

35. Sacramento Kings: 27 year old C Joakim Noah: Wow. The Kings are going to have a great front-court (Bosh and Noah), for a long time. Bosh provides the scoring, while Noah is an elite rebounder and a very good defender.
N5Y: 10+ PPG, 10+ RPG, 2+ APG, 1.5+ BPG

36. Portland TrailBlazers: 26 year old C Al Horford: Talk about underrated. Al Horford has quietly become one of the best centers in the NBA, and was finally beginning to get some press when he got injured last year. The TrailBlazers will have a great inside threat with Horford to go along with their outside threat in Eric Gordon.
N5Y: 15+ PPG, 9+ RPG, 3+ APG, 1+ BPG

37. Phoenix Suns: 30 year old SF Joe Johnson: To go along with Steph Curry, the Suns drafted their former player, Joe Johnson. While JJ is older than most players on this list, he still has a good 5 years left of scoring. This guy is a 5 time allstar, but nobody seems to know about him.
N5Y: 17+ PPG, 4 RPG, 4+ APG

38. Philadelphia 76ers: 22 year old PG Brandon Jennings: Jennings is going to be a great player in the NBA for years to come. Last year, he scored 19 points per game at the age of 21. The Sixers are building a very talented team (Jennings, Smith).
N5Y: 20+ PPG, 4+ RPG, 6+ APG, 1.5+ SPG

39. Orlando Magic: 22 year old PG Jrue Holiday: Jrue Holiday has already been a starter in the NBA for three years now, and he is just 22. He has the potential to turn into a star.
N5Y: 16+ PPG, 3+ RPG, 6+ APG, 1.5+ SPG

40. Oklahoma  City Thunder: 33 year old PF Dirk Nowitzki: The Thunder are building quite the old team. First they drafted Kobe, and now they have Dirk. This is going to be a very good team for the next 2 years, but maybe not after that.
N5Y: 19+ PPG, 7+ RPG, 2+ APG

41. New York Knicks: 24 year old PG Ty Lawson: The Knicks pick the 3rd PG in the last 4 picks. Lawson is going to be very good. He is extremely fast and good at getting into lanes.
N5Y: 17+ PPG, 3+ RPG, 7+ APG, 1 SPG

42. New Orleans Hornets: 19 year old PF Anthony Davis: In my opinion,  this is a steal at this point in the draft. The Hornets pick the guy who is sure to be their #1 overall draft pick in real life. In the next 5 years, he will definitely be better than the 42nd best player. He is going to be the best block guy in the NBA.
N5Y: 15 PPG, 10+ RPG, 1 SPG,  3+ BPG

43. Minnesota Timberwolves: 27 year old C Andrew Bogut: This is an iffy pick, not because Bogut isn’t very talented, but because he is a huge injury concern. However, if Bogut is healthy he can become a great C. Imagine Ricky Rubio lobbing passes to him.
N5Y: 13+ PPG, 10+ RPG, 2+ APG, 2+ BPG

44. Milwaukee Bucks: 23 year old SF Danilo Gallinari: Gallinari is a very good wing player. He is still just 23, and he will work well with LaMarcus Aldridge. He is also still improving, and I believe he will eventually become someone who scores 17 points per game
N5Y: 16+ PPG, 5+ RPG, 2+ APG

45. Miami Heat: 24 year old C Brook Lopez: Brook Lopez is an interesting case. He is just 24 years old, and is a great scorer. However, he is a very bad rebounder for his size. He just doesn’t time his jumps right. He does still have time to develop, and even if he becomes an 8 rebound guy he will be a success because of his scoring ability.
N5Y: 20+ PPG, 6+ RPG, 1.5+ BPG

46.Memphis Grizzlies: 27 year old C Al Jefferson: The Grizzlies have to be shocked that Al-Jeff fell this far. He is a dominant center, and he will work well with Rudy Gay.
N5Y: 19+ PPG, 10+ RPG, 2 BPG

47. Los Angeles Lakers: 24 year old PG Mike Conley: With Mike Conley, the Lakers just got one of the best on ball defenders in the NBA. He is also a great facilitator and could turn into a 15 PPG player.
N5Y: 13+ PPG, 7 APG, 2+ RPG, 2+ SPG

48. Los Angeles Clippers: 30 year old PF Zach Randolph: This is an interesting pick. Before last season, I probably would have had Z-Bo in the top 30, if not 20. However, last year he got injured, and only played in 28 games, starting 8. In those games, he averaged only 12 points and 8 rebounds per game. The Clippers and I both see him bouncing back, and he would have been higher if not for his age (turning 31 in mid July).
N5Y: 18+ PPG, 11+ RPG, 2 APG

49. Indiana Pacers: 29 year old SF Danny Granger: Danny Granger is a great scorer, but a bit of a ball hog. He is also getting up there in age. I don’t really like this pick, but he does score, and I guess the Pacers couldn’t stop themselves from drafting a player they currently have in real life.
N5Y: 18+ PPG, 5+ RPG, 2 APG, 1 SPG

50. Houston Rockets: 22 year old SG Paul George: Paul George is turning into a very good, overlooked young player. Last year, George grew two inches from 6″8 to 6″10. That will make him even taller for an SG, and give him an advantage in 3 point shooting, where he is elite. With Rondo kicking the ball out to him, he could put up elite numbers.
N5Y: 15+ PPG, 6+ RPG, 2+ APG, 1.5+ SPG

51. Golden State Warriors: 38 year old PG Steve Nash: This is quite the gutsy pick. Nash is the oldest guy by years on this list so far, and at 38 most players are retired. However, Steve Nash is the type of player who can be productive into his 40’s. He has an intense training schedule, and his numbers haven’t had a steep decline. Court vision skills don’t decline. While this is definitely surprising, I like it.
N5Y: 10+ PPG, 10+ APG, 3 RPG

52. Detroit Pistons: 27 year old SF Luol Deng: This is a good pick by the Pistons, who already have Dwyane Wade. Deng is a very solid #2 option. He can score, but is also a great defender. The Englishman-Sudanese small forward is underrated.
N5Y: 17 PPG, 6+ RPG, 2+ APG, 1 SPG

53. Denver Nuggets: 26 year old SG Monta Ellis: Poor Monta. I was contemplating drafting him with the Washington Wizards 1st round pick. So while Monta was likely to go as high as 30, he slips all the way down to the Nuggets pick at 53. This is a decent pick, but I don’t think Monta will mesh with Andrew Bynum. The Nuggets need to go with a PG next round.
N5Y: 18+ PPG, 3+ RPG, 6 APG, 1.5 SPG

54. Dallas Mavericks: 22 year old PF Serge Ibaka: Let’s face it. Right now, Ibaka isn’t a great scoring threat and doesn’t rebound the ball as much as he should. But until Anthony Davis joins the league (and maybe even after) Ibaka will be the best block guy in the NBA. This year, he had 3.7 BPG and I think that should at least stay the same next year (maybe even improve). Ibaka is also young enough to improve on his stats. I think he could become a double double guy.
N5Y: 10 PPG, 8 RPG, 3.5+ BPG

55. Cleveland Cavaliers: 22 year old SG DeMar DeRozan: DeRozan is going to be an elite scorer in the NBA. While he didn’t progress as much as he could have this year, he still put up some very impressive numbers. I see him becoming a 20 point scorer, and that’s great for pick 55.
N5Y: 18+ PPG, 3 RPG, 2 APG

56. Chicago Bulls: 29 year old SG Kevin Martin: Kevin Martin had a down year last season, but I expect him to bounce back. The Bulls haven’t gotten great production out of their SG since they lost Ben Gordon to free agency. They will get a great SG here.
N5Y: 19+ PPG, 3 RPG, 2 APG

57. Charlotte Bobcats: 24 year old C JaVale McGee: JaVale McGee could become dominant, but he could also be out of basketball in 3 years. I’m betting on something in between. McGee is a very talented 7 footer, but sometimes disappears from games. Even if he busts,  McGee will likely block 2 shots a game and get 8 rebounds, which isn’t bad. However, his potential is alot better than that.
N5Y: 13 PPG, 9 RPG, 2+ BPG

58. Brooklyn Nets: 26 year old PG Kyle Lowry: Kyle Lowry is an underrated point guard. He is very solid, and has potential to become even better.
N5Y: 15+ PPG, 4+ RPG, 6+ APG, 1.5 SPG

59. Boston Celtics: 23 year old PF DeJuan Blair: Blair is a project type player. He is small, but for his size has a ton of potential. In 5 years he could be an allstar.
N5Y: 13 PPG, 8 RPG

60. Atlanta Hawks: 20 year old PF Derrick Favors: Back to back project types taken. I personally like Favors more than Blair, but I think the Celtics like Blair’s type of player (plays at 150% all the time) more. Not to say that Favors doesn’t play hard. I think that Favors is more talented than Blair, and therefore doesn’t have to work as hard. I think in the next 5 years Favors will put up better stats than Blair.
N5Y: 12+ PPG, 9+ RPG, 1.5 BPG

Second round picks by position:
PG: 6
SG: 5
SF: 6
PF: 6
C: 7

Overall picks by position:

PG: 17
SG: 8
SF: 10
PF: 14
C: 11

Picks 16-30

Posted: 06/14/2012 by levcohen in Basketball

16. Miami Heat: 27 year old PG Deron Williams. The Heat got a steal at pick 16 with point guard Deron Williams. Williams is in his prime, and is a great cornerstone. He would loving playing in South Beach.
N5Y: 20+ PPG, 3+ RPG, 9+ APG

17. Milwaukee Bucks:  26 year old PF LaMarcus Aldridge. Aldridge is a great PF, and is still young.
N5Y: 22+ PPG, 8+ RPG, 2+ APG

18. Minnesota Timberwolves: 21 year old PG Ricky Rubio. The T-Wolves pick their own point guard, flashy Ricky Rubio. Rubio is a great decision maker and passer, and will become a double double guy.
N5Y: 12+ PPG, 5+ RPG, 9+ APG

19. New Orleans Hornets: 27 year old C Marc Gasol. Marc Gasol is a young and talented center. He has played for only 4 years and is still improving. He is also a great team player.
N5Y: 15+ PPG, 8+ RPG, 3+ APG

20. New York Knicks: 31 year old PF Pau Gasol. Marc’s brother gets picked right after him. Pau is a double double guy, who is just past his prime. The only bad thing about this pick is that Pau might not like the NY media.
N5Y: 18+ PPG, 10+ RPG, 3+ APG

21. Oklahoma City Thunder: 33 year old SG Kobe Bryant. Kobe is the oldest guy on the list so far, but I think he will still be playing very well for at least the next 3 years. He is worth the pick.
N3Y: 25+ PPG, 5+ RPG, 4+ APG.

22. Orlando Magic: 29 year old PF Amare Stoudemire. Amare had a bad year last year, but in 7 of the past 8 years before that he scored at least 20 points per game. Maybe that would continue in a new place.
N5Y: 19+ PPG, 8+ RPG,  1+ APG

23. Philadelphia 76ers: 26 year old PF Josh Smith. Josh Smith is one of the most talented players in the NBA. He is a headcase, but maybe that would be better in Philly.
N5Y: 18+ PPG, 9+ RPG, 4+ APG, 1.5+ BPG, 1.5+ SPG

24. Phoenix Suns: 24 year old PG Stephen Curry. This is a gutsy pick. Curry is a great shooter, and he is still very young. The problem is, he is always injured. Maybe that’ll change.
N5Y: 18+ PPG, 4+ RPG, 6+ APG, 2+ SPG

25. Portland Trailblazers: 23 year old SG Eric Gordon. The second straight young injury prone player to be picked, Gordon could win scoring championships if he is healthy. I and the Trailblazers both think he will be.
N5Y: 24+ PPG, 3+ RPG, 4+ APG

26. Sacramento Kings: 28 year old PF Chris Bosh. When on the Raptors, Chris Bosh was one of the top 10 players in the NBA. As the #1 option again, he has a chance to be that guy again.
N5Y: 19+ PPG,  9+ RPG, 2+ APG

27. San Antonio Spurs: 22 year old PG Tyreke Evans. 2 years ago, Tyreke Evans might have gone top 5 after a record breaking rookie year. However, since then he has declined, and become a headcase. The Spurs are drafting him for the potential.
N5Y: 20+ PPG, 5+ RPG, 5+ APG, 1.5+ SPG

28. Toronto Raptors: 21 year old PF DeMarcus Cousins. Back to back current Kings headcases with a ton of potential picked. I believe that Cousins has even more potential than Evans, but he is even more of a headcase. If he does like I think he will, he will most definitely become one of the steals in this draft. The Raptors are looking like early favorites.
N5Y: 20+ PPG, 10+ RPG, 1+ BPG, 1.5+ SPG

29.  Utah Jazz: 27 year old C Al Jefferson. The Jazz pick their own center, Al Jefferson. Jefferson is everything you want in a center. He scores, rebounds and blocks shots. He is also a good free throw shooter.
N5Y: 20+ PPG, 10+ RPG, 2+ APG, 1.5+ BPG

30. Washington Wizards: 30 year old PG Tony Parker. Tony Parker is a fast point guard who is also very good at running an offense. He had a great year this past year, and should continue to do the same stuff.
N5Y: 17+ PPG, 3+ RPG, 8+ APG, 1+ SPG

Picks by position in round one:

PG: 11
SG: 3
SF: 4
PF: 8
C: 4

Over the next few days im going to do a 5 round mock draft (with all 30 teams) if they ALL had to start from scratch. By the end of the draft, each team will have a PG, SG, SF, PF, C. Keep in mind that I will consider the future, as well as just next year. I am doing this draft in snake order ( First Round 1-30, second round 30-1.. etc..), in alphabetical order. (N5Y stands for next 5 years)

1. Atlanta Hawks: 23 year old SF KEVIN DURANT: Durant is young, and he does it all, especially score. Experts like Stephen A Smith believe that KD will become one of the best scorers in NBA history.
My predictions on KD’s average statline for the next 5 years: 29+ PPG, 7 + RPG, 4+ APG

2. Boston Celtics: 26 year old C Dwight Howard: Doc Rivers would be able to change D12’s attitude for the better. Dwight is the best big man in the NBA, which is kind of thin on C’s at the moment. Oh, and Dwight is young.
Dwight’s N5Y: 22 PPG, 11 RPG, 2+ BPG

3. Brooklyn Nets: 27 year old SF LeBron James: The MVP winner, LeBron James is a great all around player.He would have been #1 but because of Dwight’s position and KD’s age.
N5Y: 26+ PPG, 6+ RPG, 6+ APG

4. Charlotte Bobcats: 27 year old PG Chris Paul: Chris Paul is a dynamic point guard that everybody would like to have.
N5Y: 20+ PPG, 4+ RPG, 10+ APG, 2+ SPG

5. Chicago Bulls: 23 year old PG Derrick Rose: Chicago would love to draft their current PG, Derrick Rose. He won the MVP at a very young age, but he might have some injury concerns. When healthy, a very dynamic player.
N5Y: 23+ PPG, 4+ RPG, 7+ APG

6. Cleveland Cavaliers: 23 year old PF Kevin Love: Kevin Love might be the most underrated player in the NBA. Not only can he score and rebound, but he can also hit free throws and won the 3 point contest.
N5Y: 25+ PPG, 13+ RPG, 1.5+ APG

7. Dallas Mavericks: 20 year old PG Kyrie Irving: We know that Kyrie, after just 1 year, is legit. He had a better rookie year than LeBron.
N5Y: 20+ PPG, 7+ APG, 4+ RPG

8. Denver Nuggets: 24 year old C Andrew Bynum: The Nuggets either just blew up their team or got the steal of the draft. Bynum is an immature technical foul machine, who also gets injured a lot. However, he is almost as talented as Dwight Howard.
N5Y: 18+ PPG, 11+ RPG, 2+ BPG

9. Detroit Pistons: 30 year old SG Dwyane Wade: The Pistons have to be surprised that D-Wade fell this far. However, there is reason for concern. He is coming off one of his worst seasons, is the oldest guy so far on this list, and had injury problems.
N5Y: 23+ PPG, 5+ APG, 4+ RPG

10. Golden State Warriors: 28 year old SF Carmelo Anthony: These current Warriors and Carmelo Anthony have something in common: They both love scoring and hate playing defense. ‘Melo should fit in well.
N5Y: 24 PPG, 6 RPG, 3 APG

11. Houston Rockets: 26 year old PG Rajon Rondo: The Rockets just got themselves a very valuable PG. While everyone above and the next number of players after him score more, nobody is the triple double threat that Rondo is.
N5Y: 12+ PPG, 5+ RPG, 11+ APG

12. Indiana Pacers: 21 year old PG John Wall: The Pacers know that PG’s are coming off the board quickly, so they snag 21 year old star John Wall, who has a song named after him.
N5Y: 18+ PPG, 5+ RPG, 9+ APG

13. Los Angeles Clippers: 23 year old PG Russell Westbrook: Russ Westbrook is the next PG to come off the board, and now 6 of the first 13 picks have been PG’s. Westbrook is an elite scorer who should pass a little more. He will flourish as a #1 option.
N5Y: 23+ PPG, 4+ RPG, 7+ APG

14. Los Angeles Lakers: 23 year old PF Blake Griffin: The Lakers have to be shocked that Griffin fell this far. If nothing else, he will sell tickets. The reason that Griff fell so far is his lack of defense. If he gets better at blocking shots, he could be a steal for LA.
N5Y: 21+ PPG, 11+ RPG, 3+ APG

15. Memphis Grizzlies: 25 year old SF Rudy Gay: The Grizz are the second team to get a real life player. Rudy Gay is another underrated player.
N5Y: 19+ PPG, 6+ RPG, 2+ APG, 1.5+ SPG

Rest of first round tomorrow