Predicting the participants in the MLB All-Star Game- NL

Posted: 05/27/2012 by levcohen in Baseball

Today I will predict the NL starters and bench, and tomorrow will be the AL. This is based on STATS, and not by how popular their names are.

Btw.. Each team gets at least 1 all star


C: Carlos Ruiz, Phillies. .366 average, .419 OBP, .592 SLG. 7 HR

Carlos Ruiz has been the best Phillies hitter by far this year, and he is third in the NL in average. He has an OPS over 1.000, which is third best in the NL.

1B: Joey Votto, Reds.  .325 average, .466 OBP, .606 SLG. 8 HR

Votto is by far the best 1B in the NL. After a slow start this year, he has been fantastic recently. He has the second best OPS in the NL. What really sticks out to me about Votto is that other teams are extremely scared of him. He has 42 walks already, 10 more then the next best in the NL. He also has 6 intentional walks, also the most in the NL.

2B: Dan Uggla, Braves. .257 average, .367 OBP, .434 SLG. 7 HR

Some other 2B have better numbers than Uggla at the moment (Jose Altuve and Omar Infante). But I think that Uggla will pick it up, while the others will slow down. Uggla is a streaky hitter, and by the time the all star game comes he will have 17 homers and 45 RBI. I think Infante and Altuve are just average hitters, and they have been lucky. As the luck evens out Uggla will pass both in the all star voting.

3B: David Wright, Mets. .382 average, .484 OBP, .592 SLG. 5 HR

It would be a crime if the fans didn’t vote for David Wright at 3B. He has blown away any other NL third baseman, and has been the best player in the national league. Much like Votto, he is by far the most talented player at his position in the NL.

SS: Troy Tulowitzki, Rockies. .278 average, .353 OBP, .462 SLG. 7 HR

Tulo started out very slowly, but has gotten much better of late. He is in a groove, and is the most talented SS, so I expect him to keep it up.

LF: Melky Cabrera, Giants. .369 average, .412 OBP, .556 SLG, 4 HR

Melky Cabrera is extremely underrated. He has the second highest average in the NL, and he has been one of the few consistent hitters in the Giants lineup. Two things stand out to me about Melky. Don’t judge him by the 4 HR’s so far, because he has more power than that. He has 19 NON HR extra base hits, including an NL leading 6 triples. Those 19 are tied for second in the NL behind Joey Votto (Votto has 21 doubles). The second thing that stands out is Melky’s speed. With 9 stolen bases, he is in the top 15 guys in terms of speed.

CF: Matt Kemp, Dodgers. .359 average, .446 OBP, .726 SLG, 12 HR

Kemp doesn’t qualify among the leaders for most stats because he doesn’t have enough at bats (Has been on DL for last two weeks). However, he still probably has the best all around stats in the NL, led by his 12 homers and monster OPS. If he comes back shortly, there is no reason not to vote for him.

RF: Carlos Beltran, Cardinals. .290 average, .388 OBP, .605 SLG, 15 HR

Beltran is having a monster year, with NL leading 15 HR and 41 RBI. He has been great for a dynamite offense.

DH: Ryan Braun, Brewers. .312 average, .386 OBP, .607 SLG. 13 HR

Braun has put all the steroid questions behind him with another spectacular season. After winning the MVP last year, don’t be surprised if he does again this season.

SP: Gio Gonzalez, Nationals. 55 innings, 6-1, 1.98 ERA, .99 WHIP, 69 K

Gonzalez has lead the Nats to the best NL east record, and he should be recognized for that. However, there are 3 or 4 other SP’s that could be on here.


C: Buster Posey (SF), Yadier Molina (STL)

1B: Yonder Alonso (SD)

2B: Jose Altuve (HOU), Omar Infante (MIA)

3b: Martin Prado (ATL)

SS: Starlin Castro (CUB), Rafael Furcal (STL)

OF: Giancarlo Stanton (MIA), Andre Ethier (LAD), Andrew McCutchen (PIT), Carlos Gonzalez (COL),  Justin Upton (ARI)

DH: Jay Bruce (CIN)

SP: Brandon Beachy (ATL), Cole Hamels (PHI), Clayton Kershaw (LAD), Stephen Strasburg (WAS), Wandy Rodgriguez (HOU) , Zack Greinke (MIL), Johnny Cueto (CIN)

RP: Craig Kimbrel (ATL), Aroldis Chapman (CIN), Jonathan Paplebon (PHI)


Atlanta- 4
Miami- 2
New York- 1
Philadelphia- 3
Washington- 2
Chicago- 1
Cincinnati- 4
Houston- 2
Milwaukee- 2
Pittsburgh- 1
St. Louis- 3
Arizona- 1
Colorado- 2
LA- 3
San Diego- 1
San Fran- 2

  1. philabundant says:

    Pretty balanced season in terms of talent across teams.. Let’s see if the same holds true when you tackle the AL.

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