Best and worst defensive SS, OF, SP today

Posted: 05/09/2012 by levcohen in Baseball

SS: (out of 30 qualifiers)

WORST: Clint Barmes, PIRATES… This is the third time a Pirate has been the worst at his position. Barmes has recently been a bad fielder, and this year is no different. Barmes has 6 errors, and is in the bottom 5 of qualifiers in that category. His fielding % looks much worse. Only Dee Gordon’s is worse than his .939. Barmes also is a step too slow to get to a lot of balls, leading to his second worse range in the MLB. When you consider that he still makes a lot of errors, you have to be appalled by his fielding. DIS-Honorable mention: Starlin Castro, Jason Bartlett

BEST: Yunel Escobar, BLUE JAYS.. Yunel Escobar is in the bottom third of the MLB with 5 errors. However, he still has had an impressive year defensively. When you watch him play you see his phenomenal range and reflexes; he often dives and snags balls that you wouldn’t think possible. This leads to his MLB best range. Another impressive thing with Escobar is his knack of turning 2. His 29 double plays lead the MLB, and often have gotten his pitcher out of jams. Honorable mention: Jamie Carroll, Jed Lowrie

LF: (out of 19 qualifiers)

WORST: Logan Morrison, BRAVES.. You don’t have to be great to do well in left field. You need to be able to catch the ball and have good reflexes, and being fast isn’t bad. Logan Morrison has already made 2 errors in left, with a fielding % of near .930. A .930 fielding % in left field is horrible. While LoMo has made 1 outfield assist, he also isn’t the fastest guy and has bad range. DIS-Honorable mention: JD Martinez, Carlos Gonzalez

BEST: Eric Thames, BLUE JAYS… Eric Thames is not usually the best LF in the MLB. In fact, he is usually pretty bad. This year he has been good. He reads balls off the bat well, leading to his strong range and has yet to make an error. Honorable Mention: Ryan Braun, Jason Kubel, Tony Gwynn

CF: (out of 24 qualifiers)

WORST: Dexter Fowler, ROCKIES.. This is an obvious pick for me. This guy misjudges tons of balls. While he can sometimes make up for that with his speed, there are often times where a ball just goes over his head. It is unacceptable for someone this fast to have the WORST range among center fielders. Oh, he also has the worst fielding % and no outfield assists. No brainer. DIS-Honorable mention: Nobody worth saying

BEST: Michael Saunders, MARINERS… Seattle fans are used to seeing a CF among the best defenders in the MLB. That was Franklin Gutierrez. Michael Saunders has been just as good. He has great range and hasn’t made an error. Most impressive are his two outfield assists and two double plays. These show that he has a great arm. His 2 double plays are  more than anyone else in the MLB, and the outfield assists are tied for first. Honorable Mention: Craig Gentry, Yoenis Cespedes

RF: (out of 27 qualifiers)

WORST: Will Venable, PADRES… It isn’t even close to being close. He already has 4 (4!) errors, and a fielding % at around .875. The next worst fielding % is Giancarlo Stanton at .953. Venable also has bad range, and no outfield assists. DIS-Honorable mention: Ryan Sweeney, Michael Cuddyer

BEST: Jeff Francoeur, ROYALS… Francoeur is known around the league for having one of the best, if not the best, outfield arm in the MLB. So you would think that teams would think better than trying to score on a sac fly, or score from second on a single to right. That might be true, but Jeff has nailed the few guys who have tried to take the extra base. He has 5 outfield assists and is on pace for 29. That won’t happen, but it is still extremely impressive. He is also among the top half range guys, hasn’t committed an error and has 2 double plays to his credit. Honorable mention: Ichiro Suzuki, David DeJesus

SP: (out of 114 qualifiers)

WORST: Kyle Drabek, Blue Jays… 2 errors in 6 starts, .750 fielding %, bottom 5 range. Enough said. Dis-Honorable mention: Adam Wainwright

BEST: A lot of guys tied for first: Henderson Alvarez, Justin Masterson, Josh Johnson, Jason Hammel, Jordan Zimmerman, Mark Buehrle


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