5 Least Likable teams in sports

Posted: 04/16/2012 by levcohen in Hockey

Today I’m doing the 5 least likable teams in the 4 major sports. I got this idea by watching the Penguins.

#1: Los Angeles Lakers- They have so much drama in fights with the coach, the media, between players.. etc… Some recent examples have been Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum getting benched by Mike Brown- the coach-. Afterwards, the star player’s reactions weren’t “I’m sorry.” Instead, they were “Why did he bench me?” It’s hard to like that kind of drama in the locker room. They are also a winning franchise so it is easy to hate them.

#2: New York Yankees- The Yankees are unbearable, but only because they go on spending sprees and often get all the good FA. Their fans are also a bit cocky. It is hard to like a team that has won 27 World Series. I honestly don’t have much of a problem with the current players (outside of A-Roid), but their winning ways are hated.

#3: Pittsburgh Penguins- Ugh. The Penguins are a bunch of whining hypocrites. Their star Sidney Crosby was out for a year with a concussion, and throughout that year promoted the end of fighting in the NHL. In this playoff series with the Flyers, he started a huge fight and got in on the fighting himself. First, he started pounding at the goalie’s glove, a no-no in hockey. Then, he kicked a forward’s glove away from him, right when the forward (Jake Voracek) was trying to pick it up. Crosby then started a fight. I think that nobody on this current Penguins team is likable.

#4: Dallas Cowboys- The Cowboys have long been considered “America’s team”. This makes no sense now, as they haven’t won a playoff game in forever. Some of their coaches are also loudmouths (notably defensive coordinator Rob Ryan). On top of that, they just got the best new stadium in sports.

#5: New England Patriots- I despise their coach, Bill Bellichek. He was the leader of Spygate, which gave the Pats a big advantage and helped them go 16-0 in a season. They are cheaters. They also have “pretty boy” QB Tom Brady. Everyone loves him, and just because of that I hate him. Of course, this team has also been widely successful.

Now for the 5 least likable players in sports:

1. Sidney Crosby

2. Tiger Woods

3. Michael Vick

4.  James Harrison

5. Jonathan Vilma

  1. Marinite says:

    Anyone who grew up in New York as a Giants fan hated the Yanks because the Yanks always seemed to win. The other “hate object” team was the (then Brooklyn) Dodgers, which made seeing Bobby Thomson hit that home run so delicious.

    The thing that makes Tiger Woods so unlikable now is that he used to seem nice and that turned out to be a myth.

  2. philabundant says:

    What! No description of what is so detestable about Harrison & Vilma? (The others need no explanation.) And where is A-Rod on the list? 5A? When do we get to the likeable teams? Or at least the ones you feel sorriest for.

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