1 MLB note for each team. Part 1 (teams 1-10)

Posted: 04/08/2012 by levcohen in Baseball

An early note for the first 10 MLB teams (alphabetical order)

  • Arizona D-backs record: 3-0 The Diamondbacks have a good bullpen and they know how to win games. The D-backs look like they are going to have a good season. They beat the Giants (their big threat in the NL West) 5-4 in each of their first two games. They also won the third game, 8-7, in a frantic comeback. Before the season started, one of the biggest problems for the D-Backs was supposedly their bullpen. Let’s see their stats throughout the first 3 games: 10 and 2/3 IP, 4 hits, 1 run, 9 strikeouts, 2 saves, 0 blown saves. .94 ERA. Those are some really impressive numbers. Moral: The Diamondbacks and their bullpen is legit.
  • Atlanta Braves record: 0-3 The Braves problem has been obvious. They can’t hit. In their three game series with the Mets, they scored a grand total of 7 runs on only 11 hits. These are awful numbers, especially when you look at who their opponent was. The Mets are in the midst of a rebuilding season, and their pitching is supposedly below average. Moral: The Braves can’t hit.
  • Baltimore Orioles record: 3-0 Wow. What a surprisingly good start to the season for the Orioles. They looked very good against the Twins. However, let’s not get our hopes up, as the Twins should be in for another very bad year. However, the O’s have showed us something. Through three starts, their starting pitching looks very underrated. 22 IP, 10 hits, 1 run, 12 strikeouts. .45 ERA. While we definitely are not going to see anything close to this for the rest of the season (the Orioles play in the AL East against some very good offenses), this tells us that the O’s have a decent pitching staff. Moral: The Orioles will end up at the bottom of the AL East, but in another division their starting pitching would be very good.
  • Boston Red Sox record: 0-3 The Red Sox haven’t had the best start to the season. This is because they have given up 26 runs. If anything is going to hold the Sox back, it is going to be their pitching. Sox fans shouldn’t lose hope because this was against the solid hitting Tigers, but this definitely wasn’t the start they were hoping for. Moral: The Red Sox pitching is going to hold them back
  • Chicago Cubs record: 1-2 The Cubs have an awful back of the bullpen. In their first game, they led 1-0 going into the 8th, and Ryan Dempster was still going strong. 3 batters later, there were two outs and a man on first. The Cubs elected to pull Dempster (who was pitching phenomenally) and went to Kerry Wood, their 8th inning guy. Wood promptly walked three guys, finally allowing a run when he walked the dreadful Jayson Werth. Going into the ninth, the score was still tied, 1-1. The Cubbies brought in their closer, flamethrower Carlos Marmol, who was supposed to have a quick inning. Instead, he gave up a double to a weak hitter in Chad Tracy, and Ian Desmond drove him in with a single. The Nats held on to win. That isn’t where it ends. In their second game, the Cubs had a comfortable 4-2 lead going into the 8th inning. Enter Kerry Wood. Wood came in, and after getting two quick outs, Ian Desmond (a weak hitting SS who seems to have the Cubs number) homered. After two singles, the Cubs brought in Marmol. 4 of the 5 guys to face him got on base, and suddenly the Cubs were losing 7-4. Moral: No Cubs lead is safe.
  • Chicago White Sox record: 1-1 The White Sox don’t have the talent of the top teams in the MLB, but they will stick around in a lot of games. They evened up the series against the Rangers, who are supposed to be a lot better than them. Moral: The Sox won’t make the playoffs, but they might steal some wins from elite teams.
  • Cincinnati Reds record: 2-1 The Reds started out like a lot of people thought they would, at 2-1. They should stay at or near the top of the NL Central for most of the year. One player has been surprisingly good: SS Zack Cozart. My preseason NL ROY pick, Cozart is hitting .545. He leads the team in runs (4), and has also added some surprising power. He leads the team in doubles (2), has the only Reds triple, and added a home run. Moral: The Reds are legit.
  • Cleveland Indians: 1-2 There have been good things and bad things to take away from the Indians 1-2 start. The starting pitching has been tremendous. They have gotten 22 innings out of their starters, allowing only 3 earned runs for a 1.36 ERA. However, their bullpen has been worrisome. They have allowed 12 earned runs in 14 innings, an 8.57 ERA. After Justin Masterson had pitched masterfully, the ‘pen allowed 3 runs in the 9th of their first game, sending the game into extra innings, where they eventually lost in 16 innings (7-4). They gave up 5 runs in 5 innings in another extra inning loss on Saturday. Moral: Cleveland could have a solid year, but only if Chris Perez and the bullpen is solid.
  • Colorado Rockies: 1-2 The Rockies can’t be happy with their start to the season. They lost 2 of 3 to the dreadful Astros. The Rockies can be successful, but they are going to have to beat teams like the Astros, even on the road. They are an intriguing team that isn’t off to the best of starts. Moral: Shaky start for a team that could surprise people and make the playoffs.
  • Detroit Tigers: 3-0 Great start for a Tigers team that has a chance to win it all this year. They swept the Red Sox because of tremendous hitting. They scored 23 runs in the series, including some timely hits. Austin Jackson had a walk off single in game one, and Alex Avila hit a walk off home run in game three in the series. The Tigers have 5 starting players hitting above .400. They also have 13 extra base hits. With the offense lead by Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder, the Tigers look really hard to beat. Moral: The Tigers have the best offense in the MLB right now.
  1. philabundant says:

    Hard to read much into one series, although tempting to try. For the Phillies’ sake, I hope three games a season don’t foretell.

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