Preseason MLB postseason predictions

Posted: 03/28/2012 by levcohen in Baseball

Yesterday I posted the standings. Today is the playoff predictions:

wildcard play in game: Julio Teheran and the Braves OVER Josh Johnson and the Marlins

#1 Phillies vs. #4 Braves.

Phillies win in 5. Halladay (2) (PHI), Hamels (PHI), Hudson (ATL), Kimbrel (ATL) get wins

#2 Diamondbacks vs. #3 Reds.

D’backs win in 4. Putz (ARI), Hudson (ARI), Bauer (ARI), Latos (CIN) get wins

#1 Phillies vs. #2 Diamondbacks

D’backs win in 7. Bauer (2) (ARI), Kennedy (ARI), Cahill (ARI), Stutes (PHI), Lee (PHI), Papelbon (PHI) get wins


wildcard play in game: David Price and the Rays OVER Colby Lewis and the Rangers

#1 Yankees vs. #4 Rays

Rays win in 5. Sabathia (2) (NYY), Moore (TB), Hellickson (TB), Davis (TB) get the wins

#2 Angels vs. #3 Tigers

Angels win in 5. Wilson (LAA), Santana (LAA), Haren (LAA), Verlander (2) (DET) get the wins

#4 Rays vs. #2 Angels

Angels win in 5. Weaver (2) (LAA), Richards (LAA), Haren (LAA), Farnsworth (TB) get the wins


D’backs vs. Angels

Angels win in 6. Weaver, Haren, Wilson, Scott Downs get one win apiece. Collmenter, Cahill win games for the Diamondbacks.

WS MVP: Albert Pujols


While I think this is a doubtful world series, I am surprised by how many people have been counting out the D’backs this year. Many people don’t even think they will make the playoffs. I don’t see why not. They made it last year and have vastly improved their depth in terms of getting another SP, and really anchoring up their bullpen. They also got a starting OF in Kubel, who will thrive in Chase Field.

An interesting note is that 3 of the 4 wild card teams are from the NL and AL East. The East’s also win both wildcard matchups, and the top team in each league is from the East. I guess that just proves the dominance of the East.

  1. philabundant says:

    October is a long way off. Let’s see how many arms are shut down by then. Agree that the balance of power is in the East, although plenty of talent in AL West.

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