MLB expanding playoffs to 10 teams

Posted: 03/01/2012 by levcohen in Baseball

Today, the MLB made a decision to expand the playoffs to 10 teams. The two wildcards will have a one game playoff, and whoever wins advances to the more traditional playoff style.

This helps…

Texas, LA Angels, Boston Red Sox, Tampa Bay Rays, Miami Marlins, Washington Nationals, St. Louis Cardinals.

I will say this especially helps the Rays and Nationals. These are two teams that might have been on the outside looking in if the new rules hadn’t been implanted. They also have the pitching to win an elimination game. The Rays have David Price and Matt Moore, who I believe will be the team’s ace by the end of the season. Washington has exciting to watch Stephen Strasburg.

This hurts…

Philadelphia, Arizona, Detroit..

These are three teams that expect to win their respective divisions easily. The last thing these teams want is hungrier teams at the end of the year that might have more of an incentive to win. This especially hurts the Phillies, because their division is arguably the strongest in baseball, and Miami, Atlanta and Washington should all be battling for the WC spots by the end of the year.

I think this hurts the MLB as a whole. Two more playoff teams is not good. This just means that worse and worse teams will get into the playoffs, while just a few decades ago their were only 4 playoff teams. I think all this is just for the MLB to make money, as it always is. As a fan though, the pre-postseason game (or whatever you want to call it) will be exciting, the only glimpse at a 1 game playoff in the MLB.


  1. philabundant says:

    May not be so bad for teams like the Phils and Arizona. While it is an advantage to be able to rest players if you clinch early, I think sometimes it is hard to get the intensity back up on command at playoff time. What I don’t like is the movement toward hockey and basketball, where the regular season is really just a way to seed half the league for the playoffs. A small move, but as you point out, economics will continue to push MLB in this direction.

  2. Marinite says:

    Maybe we are on the road to combining the regular season and the playoffs. Eventually, maybe all the teams will be in the playoffs!

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