NBA All star game predictions

Posted: 02/26/2012 by levcohen in Basketball

Today I will predict what will happen in the NBA All star game, and see who has the edge at each position.

The PG’s:

Eastern Conference:

Derrick Rose (starter)
Deron Williams
Rajon Rondo

Western Conference:

Chris Paul (starter)
Tony Parker
Russell Westbrook
Steve Nash

Edge: The Western Conference gets the edge in this one. Derrick Rose has been hampered by injuries, and Chris Paul has teammate Blake Griffin also starting. Rose probably won’t play very many minute because of the injury. As for the backups, the West gets the edge again. While I’d rather have Williams than Westbrook, Parker is having a career year and Nash brings veteran leadership (and also 11 assists per game).

The SG’s:

Eastern Conference:

Dwayne Wade (starter)
Andre Iguodala

Western Conference:

Kobe Bryant (starter)

Edge: The edge goes to the East. Wade has picked up his game recently, and Iguodala is a great defender who should shadow Kobe for part of the game. Of course, Kobe is pretty good himself.

The SF’s:

Eastern Conference:

Carmelo Anthony (starter)
Paul Pierce
Luol Deng

Western Conference:

Kevin Durant (starter)

Edge: Kevin Durant gets the edge over 3 players in the East. He should have an easy time against the under achieving and overrated ‘Melo. Pierce and Deng are good players, but won’t get all that much playing time. Pierce is aging, but can still hit 3’s well, and can pass the ball as well as any swing man. Deng plays second fiddle to Rose, but, with Rose injured, stepped up with great play. In the end, Durant looks like a great pick for player of the game, as he has a great all around skill set.

The PF’s:

Eastern Conference:

LeBron James (starter)
Chris Bosh

Western Conference:

Blake Griffin (starter)
LaMarcus Aldridge
Dirk Nowitzki

Edge: First off, James won’t be playing his natural position, SF. He still has a big edge over Griffin. Bosh is also having a great year, but Aldridge probably gets the edge over him. Nowitzki didn’t deserve to make the all star team this year. Overall, an edge to the East because LeBron James is probably the best player in the NBA.

The C’s:

Eastern Conference:

Dwight Howard (starter)
Roy Hibbert

Western Conference:

Andrew Bynum (starter)
Kevin Love
Marc Gasol

The edge: Dwight Howard is an absolute monster, but because of total depth the West gets the edge. Howard is obviously an upgrade over Bynum, but Marc Gasol has had a much better season than Roy Hibbert. Kevin Love pushes the West over the top, not only because he is a monster down low, but also because he can hit 3’s. He won the 3 point contest, which is extremely rare for a big man.

The outcome:

142-134 WEST.

All Star game MVP:

Kevin Durant






  1. Marinite says:

    Wow! If you’re right, that will be a very high scoring game.

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