3 NBA teams that need one piece to push them over the top

Posted: 02/12/2012 by levcohen in Basketball

Today i will show you 3 teams that need one player, a big or small one to push them over the top and get them into serious championship contention.

Philadelphia 76ers. The Sixers are looking good right now, but let’s face it. They won’t be able to match up against the great teams in the NBA with their current lineup. I’m not saying they have to blow up their team, because they have something really good going on. They have a few options:

1. Pick up a veteran FA center. Might increase their chances in the playoffs, because they have 2 centers, but both are inexperienced and both have been injured for large chunks of the season.

Rasheed  Wallace (experienced, tough big man). Might want to come back home.

not much else- FA pool is thin, as you might expect.

2. Trade Andre Iguodala or another of the 76ers best players for a better scorer.

Trade Iguodala for Monta Ellis. Ellis is a great scorer, and would bring clutch shooting and can step up and make a 3. Downside is that he doesn’t like playing defense.

Trade Iguodala, Spencer Hawes, and Evan Turner for Dwight Howard and Hedu Turkoglu. Sixers lose a lot of depth, but get a bonafide star in Howard. Turner and Hawes have shown a lot of upside.

Trade Iguodala for Paul Pierce. This one is the least promising, but Pierce is a reliable, veteran scorer, and can also play defense. He is years older than Iggy.

3. Keep the roster as it is, hope to get some playoff experience, and let the players grow. Try not to lose anybody in free agency, and, if Howard hasn’t been traded by then, try to nab him or some other great player in FA. (Amnesty Elton Brand). Try to improve the roster by good drafting, something they did this year. (Nikola Vucevic and Lavoy Allen have preformed much higher than expected.)

My thoughts: Unless they can nab Howard, I would go with #3. This team looks promising.

New York Knicks: The Knicks were supposed to be really good this year, with high profile studs in Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudomire. They also added a defensive monster in Tyson Chandler. However, Mike Dantoni’s teams are only good if the team has a good PG. They haven’t had one this year, until, recently, Jeremy Lin started playing well. However, nobody knows if Lin can continue at this pace.

1: Trade whoever is needed (outside of the big 3) to get Steve Nash or another valuable PG. Nash has already played well in Dantoni’s system in Phoenix.

2: Let Lin play, commit to him as the starting PG for the rest of the year.

3: Wait for Baron Davis to come back, and then see if he can be the franchise PG. (maybe a platoon with Lin?)

My thoughts: I like #1. Nash is a great vet. and they should do anything possible to get him. However, if Lin keeps it up in the next month, they should keep him and Davis, giving one of them playing time at SG.

Portland Trailblazers: Year after year, the Blazers come close to winning the Western Conference. However, they are always a C away.

1: Trade for Paul Millsap. The Jazz can afford to trade him to give promising PF Derrick Favors a starting roll, and Blazers swing man Wes Matthews would work well on the Jazz.

2. Hope for talented C Greg Oden to return from injury. He showed so much talent when he was healthy (his rookie year) but in the years since has suffered a chronic injury to his knee.

3. Hope that this is the year the Blazers don’t need a good C to win the conference.

My thoughts: #1. No brainer. They need a C, and hoping is never good in basketball. They should do everything possible to go after Millsap or another good C.


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