The winner…

Posted: 02/05/2012 by levcohen in Football

I am picking the Patriots, 38-31.

The Giants probably have the better team this year, but Bill Bellichik will definitely prepare the Pats well, and I think Tom Brady will come to play this game. The Giants seem like they have been the popular pick, for good reason, but the Patriots will pull this one out.

  1. philabundant says:

    Hard for me to believe the Giants defense is going to give up 38 points. If they do, Tom Brady deserves his rep.

  2. Jonathan Goodman says:

    I still haven’t forgiven Bill Bellichik and spygate. He may be a great coach and tactician, but he’s a cheater also. As a lifelong Eagles fan I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I hope the Giants win!

    • philabundant says:

      Even more annoying than spygate is the Pats’ continued abuse of the League’s injury reporting system, which maks a complete mockery of the rules. The League doesn’t seem to care, which makes one wonder why there are even any such rules..

  3. Marinite says:

    That was a quick answer to the question I asked on your last post!

  4. Marinite says:

    I guess you can’t win ’em all!

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