WR/TE- Pats

Posted: 02/01/2012 by levcohen in Football

Now it is time for the WR’s and TE’s of the Patriots-Giants game.

For the Pats there is:
Wes Welker, Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez, Deion Branch, Chad Ochocinco and more. I will go over the first 3, who are the ones who get by far the most targets. The Pats team is unusual because 2 of their best 3 receivers are TE’s (Gronk and Hern).

Wes Welker, WR: Welker is a veteran WR who is best in the middle of the field. Brady throws the ball to him early and often, and he is elusive enough to make short completions into long ones. Welker also often returns punts, and is a good returner. He isn’t a big household name, but should be, as he reels in a lot of passes.

My projection for Welker:

9 catches, 92 yards, TD

Rob Gronkowski, TE: Gronk is a monster. He broke a ton of TE records this year, including in yards and TD’sm. He is also a great blocker, and often opens up holes for running backs. This dude causes matchup problems for everyone. He is too big for a CB to cover him, and too fast for a LB or safety to cover him. He got injured in the game against the Ravens, and might not be 100% against the Giants. However, he can beat any team even when he is hurt. Look for the Giants to focus it’s defense on him, and open up more passes for Aaron Hernandez…

My projection for Gronk:

7 catches, 72 yards, 2 TD’s

Aaron Hernandez, TE (and recently RB): This quick tight end is more of a deep threat than Gronkowski is, and coach Bill Bellichek finds plenty of ways to get him the ball. Most recently, Hernandez has been running the ball a handful of times each game. When there is no RB in the backfield, and there is a 2 TE split with Hernandez a shade behind and to the side of Brady, look out. This explosive TE can pick up big gains when defenses aren’t expecting it, both running and catching the ball.

My projection for Hern:

5 catches, 62 yards… 8 rushes, 58 yards, TD

  1. Judy Phillips says:

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