My top 10 fantasy at each position, MLB

Posted: 01/25/2012 by levcohen in Baseball

Today i will tell you my top 10 at each fantasy position day by day, since ESPN recently came up with theirs. I will also split some people from each position into tiers, to get a clearer sense.


Tier one:

1. Carlos Santana, Indians… Trending up… Santana has good talent..

2.  Brian McCann, Braves… McCann is the most dependable C and has been for a while….

3. Mike Napoli, Rangers… General consensus is trending up, but I think he regresses a lot this year….

Tier two:

4. Miguel Montero, D-Backs… Montero has good talent, is in a good place in a hitters park in ‘Zona… Trending up…

5. Buster Posey, Giants…. BUY LOW WITH SOME RISK alert. He has great talent, but after a gruesome injury last year may not be able to return to full strength.. Trending down..

6. Alex Avila, Tigers.. Had a good year last year, should be better this year with Victor Martinez injured… Trending up

7.  Joe Mauer, Twins…. @Buster Posey, but is older and is always injured. Also one of the worst ballpark fits in the Majors…. Trending down

8. Matt Weiters, Orioles…. Another young player with some upside, but hasn’t done well so far.. No trend

Tier three (the potential):

9. Jesus Montero, Mariners…. GREAT POTENTIAL, and he will start everyday in Seattle…. Trending way up

10. Wilson Ramos, Nationals…. Assuming he doesn’t get kidnapped again, he will play well in Washington… Trending up


Verdict: Catcher is deeper than people think, but after the top 8 it is just a guessing game.


ALSO… Kevin Love has agreed to a 4 year extension… My view: Great for both sides

Tomorrow I will not do the 1B rankings, but have my Superbowl predictions and the head to head matchups at each position


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